Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy

Every Rescue Beauty Lounge post I write begins with a quick visit to to make sure the polish in question hasn't already sold out. In this case, you're still in luck, but not for long.

Some time ago, Ji blogged about a devastating letter she received in regards to her GOMM collection. Among its stipulations were a name change to all the polishes and a ban from them being brought back in the future (for those new to RBL, Ji holds Bring it Back votes from time to time so newcomers will have a chance to acquire older colors). This collection in particular was a result of her admiration for a certain artist's work and seeking to channel it through another medium that she loved. Undoubtedly, in turn she introduced the artist and her work to thousands of other women. To hear that her work was attacked and disrespected by the very people who should embrace it... As a longtime RBL fan, I know the hard work and effort Ji puts into each of her polishes, so I can only imagine her heartbreak.

Back to the polish: I purchased the entire collection during pre-order and showed Abiquiu and Santa Fe Road earlier. The picture above features Poppy, a shimmering red that befits the name. I applied two coats out of habit. Texture is smooth and lovely, as only expected from the brand.

At the time of her blog post, she was told she had six months to sell the GOMM polishes. I personally don't believe it will remain in stock that long. Poppy retails for $20 and is exclusively available at Rescue Beauty, which offers free shipping for US orders over $100 and international orders over $200.


  1. Xiao, is you?

  2. Yes, it's my stalling venture to move to wordpress (probably shouldn't have made it public). Thanks for checking!

  3. What a beautiful shade! I think I'm definitely going to purchase some RBL's one of these days -- when I'm in the mood to treat myself. :p

  4. I love this - but then I seem to love all the RBLs that are out there!

    I read that about GOMM and it was such WTFery. Homages aren't allowed anymore? What is this world coming to?

  5. After reading this and Ji's blog post, I just had to order this one, Santa Fe and Ghost. Still deciding if I want to order Chinoise at some point.

  6. Yeah, I remember reading about this and thinking the same thing as Liz. Except I never knew WTFery could be spelled that way, thanks for teaching me something new Lizbob.

    It's a beautiful shade and a beautiful collection. Love that shot too, such dramatic lighting! :P

  7. This photo. ♥!

    (The whole GOMM thing, though. Still makes me sad. :( )


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