Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Makeup So Good It's Still Making Me Cry: Addiction by Ayako Eyeshadows

Along with the Cheek Sticks, I picked up some Addiction by Ayako eyeshadows thanks to my wonderful friend. Around the Internet, these are touted as some of the best eyeshadows ever, and when the entire world tells me it's that good, I just have to investigate. I had to buy these sight unseen, so I mostly relied on The Driveller Kate's swatches of the entire line to narrow down my picks. Trust me when I say it wasn't easy.

While the eyeshadows came in single pans, I decided to purchase the 6-pan palette for convenience. The palette does not come magnetized, but the eyeshadow pans will have glue on their backs anyway. Depotting is as easy as sticking a paper clip into the hole at the base. No heat necessary.

Addiction eye shadows are divided into four color types: (P) for pearl, (M) for matte, (ME) for metallic, and (S) for sparkle.

Top L-R: Sandbar (P), Flash Back (ME), Fudge (ME)
Bottom L-R: Midnight Oasis (M), Twig (P), Concrete Jungle (P)

L-R: Fudge (ME), Flash Back (ME), Sandbar (P)

L-R: Midnight Oasis (M), Twig (P), Concrete Jungle (P)

A closer look at Concrete Jungle, my favorite of the six I chose. The color is a true dove gray, and I can very safely say I don't own anything remotely close to this in my stash.

Highlighted inner corner and under brows with Sandbar

Worn with THREE Eye Belong Eyeliner (review to come), smoked out with Midnight Oasis

Sandbar under brows blended into crease, Midnight Oasis all over lid and lower lash line

that pesky crease line! Bad primers make me sad

obligatory deer in headlights pose

Cheeks: Chanel Brume d'Or; Lips: Dior Beige Angelique 314

While NARS Outremer dashed my hopes for a vibrant International Klein Blue eye shadow, Midnight Oasis rekindled the flames (of desire? haha). In the pan I suppose it doesn't look as brilliant as Outremer does, and when worn it is a tad darker, but that, ladies, is what I call a blue.

What can I say? Hands down, Addiction features the best eyeshadow formula I've ever tried. Buttery doesn't even begin to describe how it feels when applied to the lids. All the hype is true, and I'll be  contributing to it from now on. Addiction eye shadows are $40 on Ichibankao (original price $27 in Japan).


  1. absolute beauties <3 I have the rest but now I really want Twig o_o thriller and neverland are also beautiful. I think my addiction shadows are some of my greatest MU treasures.

  2. This is glorious. I love the second look on you. I adore my Addiction eyeshadows and you have just made me add Midnight Oasis to my upcoming purchases. It joins an endless list of Japanese products! Thank you :)

  3. I'm going to Japan this weekend. Can't wait to pick up some Addiction products. Do you have any recommendation on "must-have"?

  4. I love their eyeshadows too. My only exception is Dolce Vita which has glitter in it. Your looks are beautiful and I recognize what you say about bad primers: they make me sad too

  5. The blue looks magnifique on you! Perfect with the flesh toned lippie. Love Addiction's no frills cubic artist-like palette...really crushing on this now.

  6. D: So. Pretty.

    Concrete Jungle and Midnight Oasis look amazing, soulmate!! But $40, eep :/

  7. So pretty! I have never heard of this brand before. Probably a good thing haha. LOVE that blue so much!

  8. I love the combination of colors and finishes of this palette! Kinda wish Twig would be a bit more khaki though. I have the same regret about the darker shade of Hourglass Dune, but then again I'm a bit picky when it comes to my khakis!

  9. The blue looks so good on you! :D

  10. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh--Xiao you are stunning! That smokey-blue look with the Midnight Oasis?! Wow wow wow. And the beige lips you paired with it is utter perfection. I hate you right now...:P

    And I want to try Addicition SO badly!! Ugh! Best eyeshadow formula you've ever tried?!? That's saying a lot...I NEED some of these in my life--but that markup...oy :/

  11. Oh boy another rave for the Addiction line. I'm soooo sad that it's not available here because you really sparked my interest in them! I love the blue es on you, it's perfect!

  12. I love blue on your eyes! Yes this palette looks very buttery and smooth, sadly the price is marked up in Ichibankao :(

  13. POWOW! midnight oasis is a stunner on you! I know I just played mule, but it still makes me happy that you're loving your purchases. Looks like you're bringing others to the Addiction side now :).

  14. I die over your blue eyeshadow look. WAHHH. You pretty. *thud*

  15. Another fan of the blue on you! I can't believe I'm saying this but... no culling! Keep all the blues! ;)

  16. Oh my god these really are incredible! INCREDIBLE! Midnight Oasis is perfect ... *deep sigh*

    ♥ Jessica

  17. stephanie- I was choosing between Thriller, Twig, and Neverland >< I believe they are mine now too :)

    Rosy- Midnight Oasis is glorious! Glorious, I tell you!

    Coco- Unfortunately I've only tried these 6 shadows and those two cheek sticks (all of which, I guess, I will categorize as must-haves :P). The only other item I haven't shown from my haul is THREE Flash Performance Eye Pencils, which are AWESOME. You must definitely try them out at a counter!

    Oh, and you lucky person, you :( I wish I could go to Japan again.

    birkinbagbeauty- This one is particularly depressing because of its price :(

    yogurt!!!- I love that aspect of Addiction e/s too. They're just such space-savers too. No extra eyeshadow brushes/useless space.

    Rae- It's originally $27 :(

    Trakee- it's only available in Japan, maybe that's why :(

    Larie- meep!

    Sunny- I'm glad it isn't since I can't really do khaki, but I wish it was more... shimmery? or pulled more forest green.

    Jeanette Marie- thanks!

    Becca- oy sums it up quite well >< I'm fortunate to have a friend in Japan

    Teri- It's really good. I wish they'd expand out of Japan, but it always seems like the best things stay firmly there.

    memoiselle- :(

    momo-chan- You are the most important part of this post! Thank youuuu <3

    Geekz- /huggles

    Lizbob- GASP! But reduction! Though I hit pan on this face powder some time ago and now I'm really determined to finish it and show it to you!

    Jessica- They ARE! I just want to bring them out and shove them under everyone's nose and say "FEEL IT!!"

  18. I just love the tones in here. Pretty versatile to match with my wardrobe. Got my eye on your next style tips.

  19. Hello
    They are gorgeous! How do you think flash back compares to LMdeB corinthian?
    Thank you!

  20. My first Addiction shadows were Crow (deep metallic blackened blue) and Neverland (deep metallic blackened green). I bought them because I love interesting blacks smoked along my lash line. Since then, I've added Flash Back, Sandbar, Fudge, Out of Africa, Truffle, Keshi, and Concrete Jungle. In general, Addiction shadows are really great in both color and quality. It's really a shame that the US prices is so highly inflated. I have a friend who frequently travels to Japan so I pay Japanese prices, but I'm sure many women in the US are deterred when they realize that the US price plus shipping is almost double the Japanese cost :-(

  21. Hello
    I am lemming for this brand- are u still loving it- how do you think it compares to suqqu and RMK and have u tried or heard good things about their eye laquers?
    Thank u

  22. MakeupRemasteredbyJo- I am definitely still loving it! I've never tried RMK shadows so I can't say. As for Suqqu, Addiction is more pigmented and seem to feature a wider variety of colors/textures. But Suqqu's "look" has always been softer. I've heard good things about their eye lacquers, but as I haven't tried them myself I can't give you my opinion. Hope this helps!

  23. Thank you for your input:) I will definitely be referring to your swatches when making my picks


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