Monday, August 6, 2012

Lipstick Bandits: A Sheering Summer

Sheering/Searing. It's not even that hot out. Nevermind.

What I'm about to say feels like a crime, though it really is not. I don't have the original tube of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy to show you, just because I'm using one of those four-lipstick flat-card samples Chanel gave to me as a GWP. My resolution was to completely finish the sample before purchasing any of the lipsticks, but it turns out there's way more in that little card than I thought was possible.

Anyway, I might be late to the Chanel Boy party (remember how everyone went crazy over this shade last year?) but here I am, and fine, now I know why they like it so much.

Boy is a neutral, flattering pink. If you've been browsing lipstick aisles recently, you'll realize that it is very hard to find an easy pink (a number of blog sale lipsticks were of the pink variety). On me, it accentuates my natural (quite pigmented) lip color and delivers a slight sheen. 

this is not a duck face. it is a :3

I reiterate: very, very easy for summer.

Also, because I don't think I'll ever get around to reviewing it, just a quick note that the blush used in this post is Chanel Fleur de Lotus, previously an Asia exclusive now available at Nordstrom. For stunning close ups of the blush, visit The Beauty Sample.

Now, to the fun part. Shuffle on to my fellow bandits' blogs to see what they're offering. I bet this is how I'll finally go full steam ahead on the sheer lipstick train:


  1. :3 :3 :3 You're too cute, Wandz!

    You are totally right. This is a great easy pink. But it looks much more opaque on you than I've seen on others in the past, no? Is it because it comes out of a sample packet and you really slathered it on? Is that the right word?

  2. Now I want BOTH! Boy looks like such an easygoing pink!

  3. Ok. Now I know why they go nuts about Boy, too. Thanks, Wandz :P

    Also, I want YOUR face, silly girl.

  4. Dammit, now I want Boy AND Lotus. AND YOUR FACE. <3

  5. Both are gorgeous colors on you! Think Boy may be too light for my medium pigemented lips though. Bonheur is a MLBB color.

  6. Xiao I think you've successfully enabled not one but two purchases in this post! They both look gorgeous on you ... now to get to a counter and try them on :)

  7. I love Boy. I'm on my second tube. That NEVER happens!

    And Fleur de Lotus is my new favorite blush. I've worn it every day since I got it.

  8. Ha! A classic of course! Lovely on you :)

  9. Boy looks lovely on you! It becomes more coral looking on you than it does on me! I love it! And that blush it GORGEOUS on those CHEEKZ!!

  10. Aw, thank you so so much for the mention, Xiao! :D

    And wow--Boy looks freaking amazing on you! I grabbed this one a few weeks ago but, of course, I got sidetracked with the review after finding out I had a Kevyn Aucoin counter nearby :P I absolutely can't wait to try it though--your post was my confirmation that I made a good choice :)

  11. You seem to wear any lip shade so well on you, I love this pink! When it came out I thought it would be too cool toned but it really brightens it up. The Chanel blush is soo pretty too, I love that shade of pink on you!

  12. Boy looks so blah on me but on you it's delicate perfection

  13. Ok so Boy is perfection ( have it and lurve it) and it's 100% perfection on you- as always. Also, I think it's flail-worthy that we both used this blush in our FOTD for this post! *shimmies* ;)

  14. "This is not a duck face." HAHAHA!

    Also, I was thinking of getting this shade the other day. I'm thinking I should have now. *shakes fist at Xiao*

    THAT. BLUSH. <3

  15. PRETTEH!!! <3 so effortless and natural on you, yet your lips still stand out.

  16. Mmm I remember when everyone was going crazy over Boy but I can't wear it. On my lips it just slips on as nothing :( But it looks lovely on you. Just the right hint of colour and I'm so pleased that you, me and Dani went for RCS! :D

    p/s I now have decided I may want Fleur de Lotus and dammit! I can't find it :P

  17. Aaahhhh it's Boy! The lipstick I never get tired of hearing about :D Looks insanely gorgeous on you. If I ever invest in a Chanel lipstick, it's going to be this one. You've convinced me!

  18. Boy is the perfect "your lips but better" color :) love love love it! Wish i could get my hands on Fleur de Lotus xx

  19. Boy looks so incredible on you! You've inspired me to pull out my own ... I've neglected it a bit too much.

    ♥ Jessica

  20. Geekz- :3! I think it's just because my lips are hella pigmented. I might have applied quite a bit, but I tried it the other day with just one light swipe and the color's the same.

    JoanneP- Thank you :)

    Sunny- It really is!

    Larie- but i'm not allowed to buy it until I finish the sample card, which now looks like forever #win

    Lizbob- <3

    lov2read68- oooh I used to have Bonheur (lost it one sad night) and that was very pigmented on me

    Sher Reen- I live to serve!

    Laci- I BELIEVE YOU haha

    Musing on Beauty- ;)

    Trakee- I swear, I need to meet you so I can hear you say that IRL (and then fall to the ground in giggles)

    Becca- No problem! Those close-ups are gorgeous.

    Teri- I can't do warm rose pinks though :( Fleur de Lotus is nice! One of my brighter Chanel blushes

    birkinbagbeauty- surely it doesn't! (there goes the "universal" claim)

    Red lips, black hair- thank you :)

    Danielle- eeee I chuckled out loud when I saw the shimmy! Could it be the new flail?

    dani- the distinction, dear other half, is crucial :P

    momo-chan- <3

    Paris- *joins hands and dances* Oh no. Need me to get one for you? (HUGE irony, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

    Morzelz- \o/

    LinasBeautyDiary- Fleur de Lotus is available at Nordstroms! (Unless you're not in the US, which then boo :( )

    Jessica- I bet it looks amazing on you!


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