Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Love: Glasses

After a particularly harrowing weekend (how many of you melted into the sidewalk yesterday?), I am really glad for today since the heat, ladies and gentlemen, has finally broke.

It has been a little over three weeks since I began my blog, but o gods of cliches, it feels just like yesterday that I posted my first cheeky post here. I hope you're having as much fun reading as I am writing!

Today I'd like to thank whoever brought geek chic back to the masses. When I was young, I envied my friends who sported glasses. They looked cool, smart, and I thought, what a way to change how your face looked! I didn't go out of my way to necessitate my needing one, but it happened when I was 18, and I have been rueful about it since. 

Here's why: My father made a song about me when I was a teeny toddler, it went, "your eyes are tiny, your nose is flat, your mouth is huge." (Let me disclaim this by saying it's his way of teasing me, but it did take a lot of years to recover from that self-esteem crush. I still love my dad.) After a long time growing up, my eyes are no longer tiny, and having a huge mouth/thick lips isn't undesirable at this day of age. But my nose is still flat. I have very limited choice when it comes to glasses. I've tried a zillion types of frames with no luck. My greatest love comes in the form of thick plastic frames, but with my bridge-less nose? Forget it! My current ones slide down my oil-slicked nose every two seconds and leave two welts when I push it higher up, but are touted as the only style that would fit me.

The funny thing is even my eyeballs are flatter than average, which means I have a hard time getting contact lenses to fit on them since the plastic would swim around my eyes. 

I've heard plenty of girls complain about not being able to put on eye makeup when they're wearing glasses. Some say their eyelashes hit the lenses (lucky girls), some like my sister just don't see the point.

I say we of the vision-impaired should have fun with it! Glasses help mask imperfections, and give us liberty on how much eye makeup we can pile on (and still look appropriate) during the daytime. Since looking all sexy librarian is cool again, we might as well milk it.

Edit: I forgot to include this earlier. Ulta is offering 20% off your entire online purchase with code 12047. The sale ends Saturday. Have fun!


  1. I have worn glasses since I was a toddler, and attempts to wear contacts have always ended badly. I tend to ignore conventional wisdom and do whatever I want with my eye makeup, though it's taken me awhile to learn to do eye makeup without being able to see! Thanks for showing that glasses don't have to be a limitation!

  2. Those look great on you! I've wore glasses since grade 6 but finally got laser eye surgery in December. I'm so happy to be glasses free although some days I do miss it a little ;-)

  3. @Amy Contacts are such frustrating things. Yay for your eye makeup!

    @PerilouslyPale Thank you :) that can be easily remedied with a pair of decorative frames if you wish! :D

  4. Gah! You look amazing in glasses; I'm jealous! Personally, I fall somewhere in between "dorky" and "ditzy" - it's a shame :P

  5. You look lovely in your glasses! :)

    I wear glasses at home, though I always put on contacts when I go out -- it's a self-esteem thing, I guess? Your post has me thinking of wearing glasses more often to work, though!

  6. You go girl! I never take FOTD pictures in glasses, but I wear them every day ... and I love this anthem about feeling confident in them! I've had many people tell me that the point of makeup is lost when you're wearing glasses. Why? They're see-through aren't they? I view them as another accessory that I can have fun coordinating with my outfits and makeup.

    You look gorgeous, as always, doll!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Ah the perils of being Asian. I sort of think we have had a lot of the same moments in life. I wanted to have glasses as a tyke too. I have the Asian flat nose and fuller lips. But it all works out in the end when you grow into your looks. And now I wish I had 20/20 like I used to. Oh well...

  8. I definitely love wearing my glasses- they're great for helping me get away with wearing wild eye makeup at work. I do have a problem with my eyelashes hitting the lenses, but the problem there is just that I have straight lashes. Curling them solves that issue in a jiffy.

  9. Girrrl, you are so pretty. I wear glasses more often than I wear contacts due to my allergies (and I have terrible vision). So much so, I sometimes find myself try to push up my glasses even though I am not wearing them (pretty geeky, eh?) Unfortunately, I can't see without them so it is nearly impossible to put on eye makeup when I'm wearing glasses.

  10. What are you wearing on your lips? Because if it's nothing, then your natural lip colour is amazing. And those glasses look really pretty on you. Lucky :)

  11. @Rae I find that hard to believe - You're an absolute babe!

    @Mia You go, girl! Geek chic is in :)

    @Jessica Thank you. I love that extra dimension we get with glasses too :)

    @D... Ah 20/20 sight. *reminisces*

    @Kayleigh exactly!

    @Liz thank you! I'm so sorry about your allergies :( I'm the opposite, I look for my glasses when I have them on! (sign that it's time to change lenses?)

    @Niki.W Thank you! Thierry Mugler Feeling, which I will feature soon! My natural lip color is quite pink, but not to this extent :)

  12. you look fantastic in those glasses! may i ask what brand it is...i want to get one too! lisa.

  13. You look great in eyes aren't bad enough for me to NEED them...and they used to be so HEAVY! I tried and tried to get used to them but it made my nose and ears hurt. Now they have nice light ones...and I have some from Silhouette that are frameless, which are even lighter...but they still don't fit my nose quite right. I have some sunglasses too, and despite the store's best efforts, they don't fit my nose! I am tempted to say I NEED to go to Korea or Japan and buy some...they MUST have ones that fit Asian noses there, right?

  14. hope you could do a tutorial make up for glasses :)


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