Monday, July 18, 2011

Dior Tuxedo Nail Polish Swatches, Photos, Reviews

While I consider it a great fortune to be able to grow up as a trilingual child, it does create some holes in my education. Apart from the language classes, my grade school education was in Mandarin Chinese, whereas my middle/high school education was primarily in Malay. My grip on knowledge is jumbled up between three languages. For example, I know all nine (well, now eight) planets in our solar system, but only when I recite it in Mandarin; I perform simple math in Mandarin and can only tackle more complex questions when it's communicated to me in Malay.

When I first looked at Tuxedo ($21) from the Dior Blue Tie 2011 Collection, I wasn't sure how to describe it. I didn't settle with Midnight Blue because there seemed to be a hint of purple glinting out of  Tuxedo. I remember the colors of the rainbow in Mandarin, but the word for indigo (靛, pronounced dian) never made much sense to me, so it didn't occur to me till much later that the color between blue and purple would be the best word to describe Tuxedo. (Yes, I do frequently ignore the existence of the sixth color of the rainbow.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't catch said hints of purple on camera. All we're left with is this Midnight Blue-looking polish. I urge you to view the pictures below with purple-tinted vision.


Indoors with more light

Outdoors, under direct sunlight

Outdoors, shaded

In these photos, I applied Tuxedo over Rescue Beauty Lounge's prep and base coat, and finished it with their top coat. 

I'm not fond of Dior brushes because I found it too large to maneuver around the edges of the fingernails. That said, I had no problems with the formula. It was just the right thickness and applied smooth, but required two coats to achieve full opacity. I wore it into the fifth day with minimal tip wear.

I've read a few posts on Dior Tuxedo and most of them report it as a Midnight Blue, no questions asked. Perhaps my bottle just rolls differently, or my eyesight enjoys deceiving me, but I really see more of an indigo, even in the bottle itself. It's a pity my cameras couldn't catch that hint of purple in there. Either way, I do think it's a beautiful polish and worth adding to your collection - if you don't already own a plethora of dark blue hues.


  1. I fell for this polish too! Admittedly, in the store I just thought it was midnight blue too, but upon further inspection at home, I get what you're saying. I think it's indigo too. :) Although I think it's harder to get that purple lean to show with more than one coat. Maybe that's just me and my crappy lighting. Sigh~

  2. @reene No I get what you mean. With one coat it's definitely a lot more purple. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was indigo. I thought my eyes were ruined for good (!!).

  3. That looks a-maz-ing on you! Blue is definitely your color!

  4. @Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup Thanks! I've been on such a blue binge lately. All my clothes seem to be in navy/midnight hues.

    I think dark blues look good on everyone though :)

  5. I love Tuxedo! It works great as a neutral color.


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