Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sneak Peek: Le Metier de Beaute Fall/Winter 2011 Silk Road, Part 2

Happy weekend, everyone! How will you be spending the best two days of the week? My weekend had just begun but the best part of it might already be over. Ah, but why, you ask? 

1. I caught RENT on Broadway. That's right! RENT was the first Broadway show I fell in love with, and the only show besides Wicked that I know every word to. I managed to snag tickets to the second day of their Off-Broadway revival, and I was wedged between theater critics galore. I loved when they laughed aloud, frowned when the man in front of me wasn't clapping when the audience was roaring away. I hope they get a good review, I cried my way through the whole of Act Two.

2. Remember how I said I was going to beg Dustin for the Fall look? WELL.

These weren't taken in my usual lighting, but I couldn't risk waiting till I got home. I already knew I was going to bawl my night away (it was so good for the soul). 

One thing I'd like to mention: I whipped a mirror out after the show to assess the damage under my eye. Nothing. Sure, I already dabbed at my eyes with a tissue, but I was still surprised I didn't have vestiges of mascara ala A Clockwork Orange down my eyes. My liquid liner wasn't swimming around, and all, I repeat, all of my eyeshadow remained on my lids . If it wasn't for my now visible eye circles and lack of bottom liner, you would never have known I was an absolute baby when they performed I'll Cover You (reprise)

Tomorrow, a part of my childhood will end with the final installment of Harry Potter. I'm thinking I better be wearing Le Metier de Beaute, or no makeup at all. It is a given that I'm going to emerge bug-eyed from that cinema.


  1. You look lovely! And <3 Rent <3 - the songs are so amazing and I just love the whole show. I'm going to see Harry Potter on Sunday when I have a night off - I'm looking forward to it, but I'm going to be so sad it's over afterwards. :(

  2. @dontcallmejessie Thank you! My co-workers and I are praying for a Dumbledore book

  3. I love RENT! I hope to see that one at least once. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Love your make-up! Great staying power.

    Have fun with HP! Hopefully I'll get to see it soon too. ^^

  4. I saw it yesterday, and I am not a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I think the movies are good though, so I suggest you bring your kleenex and waterproof makeup to see the last HP movie! ;)

  5. You look AMAZING! I'm trying to enjoy the summer, but Fall looks, Fall clothes, and the season itself are my absolute favorites and I really can't wait!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. @tiffyama Thanks! And I hope you get to see it too.

    @Flyavsted omg I'm going to ruin my box of tissues

    @Jessica Fall is my favorite too. Love the lighter layers and heavier makeup, and boots!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!! What was used on you (other than silk road kaleidoscope)? MU really enhances your beauty. You provide a great canvas for Dustin to work his magic.

  8. @Liz Thank you :) Dustin gave me the full treatment since he knew I was going to take these pictures: foundation, concealer, Sequoia pencil as base, all four layers of Silk Road, liquid liner in Noir with a little bit of Bleu (i think!) on the edges, mascara, eye brightening and setting powder as brow highlight, Tenne on the cheeks. I forgot to notice the lip colors (because I was trying to avoid buying more) but I vaguely remember a pink lipstick layered with a peachy creme.

  9. You are gorgeous & this make up is so nice!
    I really love it but I'm not sure it will be great on my fair skin & (very) light blue eyes...
    I think Le Métier de Beauté is avalable in Paris, I will try the Kaleidoscope if I can.

  10. Oh my, this is a beautiful look on you (it helps when the canvas is so stunning). I was hoping I could pass on Silk Road as I have Hypnotique from a couple of years ago, but now I am not so sure.


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