Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Fix: Le Metier de Beaute Lavande Nail Lacquer

I've been wanting to show you this since a week ago, but I usually save my nail posts for days when I have to be brief. (I've been traveling for the past two days and I just got back from work so I'm beat.)

Le Metier de Beaute Lavande ($18) is Bergdorf's signature color. It's a beautiful pale lavender that takes only two coats to reach full opacity. Application is per the LMdB standard. 

I personally think Lavande is a must-have, but I do spend a significant amount of my time at their basement (beauty) level. Lavande is limited edition and will not be reproduced once it sells out. Last I heard there are only around 20 bottles left in stock, so don't wait too long.

I'm hoping to get myself nice and rested tonight so I can get the blog rolling on full speed again. Blogger hasn't been a good friend to me lately since it insists on desaturating all the pictures I'm uploading and I'm all how dare you desaturate a good red lip!! 

While I work on this, I'd love to know your favorite nail polish brands/hues! Can you believe I only have one true red polish?


  1. Oh I love a good lavender nail. I've got to get some color on my fingers, I'm thinking lavender may be the thing. I'm tempted by the LMDB line.

  2. Right now for summer I'm really crushing on Essie's Borrowed and Blue. It's a beautiful light sky blue, and looks fantastic on a tanned hand.

    Also loving Diva From Geneva by OPI. A great medium to dark purple with just the right hint of gold shimmer.

    For summer, I think I've found the perfect coral pink color. Boat House by Essie. It just rocks. Works on so many skin tones, isn't too dark of a pink either. You get great pigment with just two coats!

  3. So pretty! I've had naked nails for the past 4 days hoping that I'm going to come home to the LMdB Nordstrom Anniversary set in the mail. It had better be there tonight!

  4. That's super pretty :) I'm really into blues right now and I just posted about Essie's Aruba Blue polish - LOVE it!

  5. The only red shade I absolutely love is OPI Malaga Wine. It's gorgeous!

  6. @D... they do make really great colors :)

    @AK love your choices! They sound amazing

    @PP I got mine today! can't wait to see it on you

    @Sidney love it!

    @Anon I'll have to take a look :)

  7. What a lovely purple~ I like this shade a lot! :]

  8. I have a nice sort of deep red from Essie, called A-List I believe, but also LOVE Topshop's Pillar Box for a bright red!

  9. @tiffyama Lavande IS gorgeous

    @Candace love those suggestions!


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