Friday, July 8, 2011

An Introduction

Beauty blogs constitute the majority of my daily reads, and through the wonder that is Twitter, I've gotten to know some of the beauty bloggers I've followed and admired for a long time. Our nightly beauty conversations are oft times the highlight of my day because these girls will nod and whoop with me when I enthuse about a particular blush or a new release of another nude lipstick. It's nice to finally find your own group of same-feathered birds and, as they say, flock together (in a glorious taupe-y mess).

Enjoyable as they are, I've always felt something missing from these chats. The lack of visual aids combined with the crutch that is a paltry allowance of 140 characters seem to confine my descriptions of products to "beautiful," "awesome," and "MUST HAVE!!!" While sincere, the words ring hollow. This blog is an attempt to remedy that.

Messy Wands is an allusion to how haphazardly stacked my lipglosses are in my current makeup drawer - but not because I'm prone to disorganization. It's just that the sheer amount I own and limited display space necessitates creative measures if I want to be able to see all my colors without digging around.

Thus, I bid you welcome to my humble journal. Let the enabling begin.


  1. So happy you have joined us!! (((hugs)))

    I look forward to your beautiful and wallet crippling posts!

  2. I welcome you with open arms to our blogging community! Nice to see another friendly face stake a claim in the beauty blogging world!

  3. ...and i'm here to support. I will however probably hate you when I buy things that you talk about though.

  4. This was such a pleasure to read. I'm loving how well-written your posts are and how fun they are to read :)

    Keep it up! I'll be following :)

  5. @lynn: miss you! <3

    @Sophie: Thank you for the kind words! Totally made my day


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