Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sneak Peek: Chanel Fall 2012

After a week of waiting for Chanel Fall to be released on, I gave up and headed toward Neiman Marcus instead. I'm not usually loyal to a particular medium of purchase, but I really want to have a look at Brumes d'Or and the online site is the only way I have access to the product (and I'm trying to get to $100 for free shipping). They're usually so much better about releasing collections online, so color me perplexed that it's taking them this long. 

Chanel Nail Vernis in Vertigo 563 and Frenzy 559

I only swatched Vertigo and Frenzy because I wasn't interested in another fuchsia berry (Suspicion) from Chanel, and once on my finger, I also lost interest in these two. While nice, I was hoping for microshimmer in the polishes because that's when Chanel truly shines, and in keeping with my new resolution to pare down, I'm trying to ignore my grabby hands impulse and stop settling for just "nice."

Chanel Extrait de Gloss Troublant, Lumière d'Artifices Beiges, Joues Contraste Rose Initiale

The only thing I know I really want from this collection right now is the Extrait de Gloss in Troublant, a plummy rose with hints of brown that looks like the fall edition of my lips, as in if my lips (naturally) changed colors with the seasons it will look like that. I was most excited to see Lumière d'Artifices Beiges and Joues Contraste Rose Initiale, but so far my response to them is lukewarm. They reminded me of shades from the Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kit.

I compared the 3rd shade of the Blush Kit to Lumiere d'Artifices and found that the former more gold and shimmery. Rose Initiale is similar to a mix of the 2nd and 4th shade of the Blush Kit. That said, since they're not complete dupes I'm still considering the Chanel pieces.

As usual, Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book is on point with her Chanel coverage, so head on over to her blog for her thoughts and comparisons.


  1. Oh my goodness Xiao! The gloss is amazing!! I think I might need this gloss in my life! Shame the nail polish colors are less than exciting this time around. Good for my wallet! The Rose Initiale blush is one that's on the fence, in the first swatch it looked too pink but in a different lighting it looks so much better.... I think I'll skip it too...

  2. Yeah, none of these polishes speak to me, which is good, considering the "cutting down" mentality. Good for you, Xiao! :D I do like Troublant (and your description!) but I'm not sure I could pull it off.

  3. I really want the Extrait de Gloss, and maybe the blush, but the highlighter just doesn't appeal to me at all. The eyeshadows look lovely but a bit expensive for singles, so I'm not sure I want to get them. Mostly, though, I just want the gloss :)

  4. I actually have my eye on Vertigo! Might splurge for it if I think it's interesting enough up close and personal. :)

    Rose Initiale looks very pretty, too. So impressed with your newfound restraint. :)

  5. aw messy you're the best
    I'm so glad you got to check it out AND that this showed up in my bloglovin feed lol

  6. Weng Yee- The gloss! Oh I can't wait to get it and show you guys how it looks on the lips. It's just the right amount of (evenly placed) shimmer and makes lips look plump and perfect :D

    Larie- \o/ for cutting down! :D

    rebecca- I sort of swore off Chanel shadows :x unless a really unique color/variation comes along, I told myself not to get any since i never use them.

    Niki- right?!

    Liz- Aww yeay :) I learned from the best!

    Brooke- hahaha seems like they got it together :P

  7. xiao, just a note - I was on Chanel's site earlier and the fall collection is now available. I think I've talked myself into a rouge coco, the extrait de gloss, and the blush. Maybe. I'm still on the fence about the blush.

  8. Xiao, I think my must have item is the blush. The nail polish doesn't look appealing to me, I like Chanel fall 2011's nail polish better :)

  9. Be still my heart...I told myself I could only pick 2 items from the Fall 2012 collection, and here I am head over heels in love with Troublant and Caprice, the Lumiere D'Artifices Beiges highlighter, and Rose Initiale. They're all SO so pretty I don't know how on earth I'll be able to decide...


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