Monday, June 18, 2012

Burberry Lip Mist in Nude Peach No. 212

Arianne the Glitter Geek dubbed the above the "deer in headlights" look, which is both hilarious and wildly accurate, and I love her for eschewing her usual gorgeous smiling face and trying it out in one of her posts. I keep telling her that I look like a total goofball when I smile (I have proof!), which is why I have to do it the dead fish way, but I suppose it doesn't matter when we're all having fun. Have I mentioned how much I love my blog/twitter friends?

On to a more relevant topic, I found a peach-ish lipstick I could wear! (After I wrote this sentence, I was surprised to find out that I actually had a "peach" category and it had a whopping four listings in it.) I found it at the Burberry counter while I was browsing their Iconic Nudes summer collection (click here for comprehensive swatches on The Beauty Look Book). I was originally vying for Field Rose or Nude Honey but both were already sold out, and though I pouted like a child whose candy was out of reach, I decided I might as well try Nude Peach

First, the formula: Burberry Lip Mists are the sheer counterparts to Lip Covers, which I prefer because of late I've been all about sheer, lightweight lipsticks. In this relatively new market (Rouge d'Armani Sheer, Dior Addict Extreme, Guerlain Shine Automatique etc.), Burberry holds it own. I like the formula so much that I am ready to ignore a horrible first impression (my first ever Lip Mist melted at the base, and so did its replacement. The Burberry folk at Saks refunded me immediately though) and the heavy, heavy fragrance that comes with it. 

Now, I've never been able to pull off peach. I realized for anything yellow to work on me, it will either have to be entirely and undeniable yellow, or so little of it as to be negligible. Since peach is pale yellow-orange, peach has been a no-no for most of my life. 

Cheeks: Tarte Exposed

I fully believe it's the "nude" part of Nude Peach that makes it work, and it seems to work with everything. In the above pictures, I paired it with a confection of pastels on the eye. Today, I'm wearing it with a pink/khaki eye (using Le Métier de Beauté Bora Bora palette and Chameleon eyeshadow). I've been wanting to emulate the smokey brown looks from Burberry ads, and I'm positive Nude Peach will fit splendidly into that picture.

Burberry Lip Mist in Nude Peach No. 212 retails for $30 and can be found at Saks New York, select Nordstroms, or the Burberry web store.


  1. I love your pictures so much, excellent quality and the products you review are so chic and luxurious. Definitely will stop by Burberry!

  2. These photos are stunning Xiao! Deer in headlights works on you :)

  3. Aahaha, awwww, deer in headlights! But I agree, it does work on you :) Am absolutely loving your lipstick phase at the moment!

  4. Oooo gorgeous! I love your deer in headlight look teehee

    I have to check Burberry out ASAP. I knew that with all the great things I read about this brand, it's a matter of time that I give in!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous on you! Thx for the link love!

  6. You look beautiful no matter what you wear! Btw, should Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick 11 Sharegaki also be in your peach category?

  7. Pretty! Would be perfect for brides, I think!

    I thought I'd tell you again how much I'm looooving the lighting in the latest batch of photos. <3

  8. Anna- Thank you :)

    Alex Kay- I personally think I work best in deer in headlights mode :P

    Weng- It's trueeee!

    Sunny- YES YOU DO, SUNNY! Yes you do.

    Sabrina- Anytime, Sabrina!

    Isla- Awww :') Isla, I swear you know my blog better than I do.

    dani- Ooooh yes! Spring weddings?

  9. This shade looks fantastic on you :) Burberry is slowly taking over my collection ... it's my favorite brand of the moment. Thanks for sharing!

  10. this is a gorgeous color! i have this product in copper and LOVE it!!

  11. In my opinion, Burberry lipstick has one of the best quality among high end brands. you look so natural with this and oh I love your cheekbones :)

  12. this is such a natural and gorgeous shade on you! as always, you look amazing!!

  13. Haha, it just popped up at the bottom in the "you might also like" posts; and I went, "Hey, that looks like peach..." (well, really more orange but I didn't think it would show up quite like that on lips. And I can never resist looking at any post of yours that involves Suqqu!). And you sounded disappointed by the meager size of your Peach category. :p

  14. Pretty! I got Field Rose but now I'm bummed I didn't get Nude Peach too! This looks lovely on you


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