Monday, June 11, 2012

Dior Summer Mix Collection Gloss Swatches

During a quick jaunt to Bloomingdale's in New York, I stumbled across a preppy, happy sight. The Dior Summer Mix Collection, which consists of four new nail lacquers and glosses (three new and one repromote), has arrived at the counter, and isn't it one of the most joyful mid-season offering you've ever seen?

L-R: Orange Pareo, Cosmo, Or Sunrise, Calypso, Rouge Crosière, Acapulco, Rose Bikini, Lagoon

L-R: Rose Bikini, Orange Pareo, Rouge Crosière, Or Sunrise

I realized just as I was editing my pictures that the sales associate replaced Calypso and Cosmo with substitutes from the permanent collection, presumably because the two polishes have not arrived at the store yet. I am livid that I was blatantly lied to at the counter – I pointed at the polishes and asked if they were from the Summer Mix collection and she said yes, never indicating that two of them were stand-ins. I purchased only Graphite Berry that day, and though I know it is a fabulous color, I can't help but feel miffed that it came with a huge slice of deception. Needless to say, I won't be visiting that Dior counter again.

L-R: Graphite Berry, Acapulco, unknown shade, Lagoon

That said, I still can't wait for the entire nail collection to hit Now that I've had time to reflect on it, I really like these colors. Amazing swatches are available at Fruity Lashes.


  1. That is so frustrating. Unfortunately it is all to common. Rose Bikini gloss looks lovely!

  2. Uh I'm so sorry, Xiao! The two nail polishes on the left are Cosmo and Calypso. Graphite Berry is SO not part of this collection. The pink one in your swatch is probably Cosmo, but I'm not entirely sure. I have swatches of Cosmo and Calypso as well as Golden Sunrise and Pink Bikini on the blog. Seriously though, I'd totally love to grab the other two glosses too!

  3. Perilously Pale- that was the one gloss I purchased :)

    Sunny- I know! I hate how I was tricked into buying it (though why should Graphite Berry receive all this flak? It's still a fantastic color. Sigh)

    I wonder if Dior gave different names to different countries? My box says Rose Bikini and Pink Bikini, and based on Fruity Lashes, the gold gloss is Or Sunrise. I guess they're all interchangeable anyway hmm.

  4. The box usually has both the French name and the English name on it (at least, that's the case with the lipsticks and nail polishes I've purchased from Dior), although Or Sunrise is a mix of both French and English, which is weird. "Or" is gold in French, any way. "Rose" is "pink."

    That is hugely frustrating about the "fake" stand-ins - I understand that they might do that to fill up slots (empty spaces are bad in retail), but they should be honest enough to explain that to you. I want the nail polishes from this collection, but I probably won't buy them. Sigh.

  5. Well, rose is pink in French and Dior often has bilingual names. Since rose can also have a similar meaning in English, it can be confusing for us English speakers. The numbers really help in these cases. The gloss in Pink Bikini in English speaking countries, but Rose Bikini in France. Translated name, but it still makes sense.

    Anyway, I love the look of Pink Bikini and plan to buy it when it comes out. I just wish they had made a blue lip gloss to match the blue polish.

    Oh I do hate when they substitute items from the permanent collection as stand-ins on the displays. I can understand that customers sometimes do that, but for the SA to just lie to you! You should complain to management, at least there will be a chance that they do something about it.


  6. Bitch! (not you, but the SA :P) That's all sorts of uncool.

    I love to look at these shades (so happy!), but mostly I only want to buy Rose Bikini - can't wait to see your swatches!

  7. I literally gasped when I saw your swatches of Rose Bikini and Orange Pareo (cuz I'm dramatic like that). But they're so so soooo gorgeous! I kind of skipped over Orange Pareo from the Croisette collection--but for some reason, seeing it swatched next to Rose Bikini make them both look that much more bright and fun and pretty! These are going on my must-have list

  8. I went to a Bloomingdale's recently, too, and they did the same thing. They only have Lagoon and Acapulco in stock and not the other two. The SA have no idea what is coming out.

  9. I liiike! I like them all! Especially Rose Bikini & Rouge Crosière.

    NOT COOL about the stand-in polishes! >:@

  10. Well, that's not cool. That happened to me once too and ALSO at a Dior counter. Now one of my friends is the manager at it so I don't get tricksy SAs anymore. :)
    I think I will get Rose Bikini-I haven't gotten a Dior gloss in ages!

  11. Hey xiao!

    Not defending those SA's who actually do lie, but I wouldn't be surprised if some genuinely don't know that a given LE product was replaced by a permanent product. Some SA's truly have such little to zero knowledge about the brand/products that they are selling that they probably are speaking what they believe to be truths.

    That's why I peruse blogs like yours so I go in armed with knowledge and the most help I need from them is to ring up the purchase for me :P

    I should add that I have done my time in retail, so I am not disrespecting SA's, especially wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable ones. Unfortunately, they seem to be increasingly few and far between.


  12. Oh gorgeous!! I bought Calypso (jelly finish) last week before it even launched because I loved the colour so much, even just looking through the bottle.

    I am SO tempted by the yellow, but it is so bright!!

  13. Giving this another try, hopefully without typos. Dior reps are famous for substitutions. Telling me they were the new shades, a Dior rep at Saks Tyson's did that to me. She will never earn another one if my dollars.

  14. I passed by a Dior counter yesterday and it looked to me like one of the four nail polishes also had a permanent nail polish stashed in there as well. I didn't even bother to mention it to the SAs since most of them have no clue in the first place. (With St. Tropez they were like, "It's BRAND NEW." And I had to correct them that it was a re-release from last year's exclusive.)

  15. Larie- Dug out the box and indeed!

    This was the yellow I was fretting over. The swatches are magnificent. sigh.

    Anonymous- If I lived near the store I would definitely go back to complain or make an exchange, but I was only visiting the city for a couple of days and only noticed it when I got home :(

    Toyarosie- Ahaha :P Rose Bikini is up now!

    Becca- So happy and sorbet-y, right?! That's the two I have :)

    Anonymous- grrrr.

    dani- Rose Bikini is SO you!

    Tracy- I mean... I suppose it diminishes my blogger rep (heh) that I didn't know what was in the collection, but I maintain I was still falsely led! :x

    M and R- Hmmm. I get that, but I still think it's still the case of an SA not doing his/her job properly. I have the utmost respect for SAs who know *everything* as well, just when the opposite happens, it's not as fun :/

    A Girl's Guide- ooooh! Where did you purchase it? I couldn't find it in stock anywhere.

    Charlestongirl- :( it seems so.

  16. Xiao, I think sometimes collections are released earlier in Australia... but I got it at my local Dior counter at Myer :)


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