Friday, June 15, 2012

Messy Wands Blog Sale Now Live!

Update: Hi everyone! Thank you for shopping my blog sale (to those who haven't had a chance to look, there are still plenty of fabulous items up for grabs!). A few of you have emailed me wondering about your invoices, and I just wanted to let you know what's with the delay. Basically, I refuse to believe's quoted price for international deliveries, so I'm going to journey out to a physical location to see if there's any way to get it cheaper. Rest assured if I have not emailed you your invoice, you won't lose out on your items! I apologize for the delay but I'm just hoping to be able to keep shipping cost to the bare minimum for all of you. Thanks for understanding!

My fingers have not stopped moving since I posted the announcement yesterday, but I did it! The Messy Wands Blog Sale is now live. Please take a look to see if there's anything that strikes your fancy.

Below, some of the pretties included in the sale:

... and many many more.

The sale is open internationally. Click here to peruse, and happy shopping!

*I apologize if I don't respond immediately to your email. I'm updating the status of items as soon as I can and that takes precedence so I don't get too many repeat requests. 

Actually, if you don't get an immediate reply it's safe to say the item is yours ;)


  1. Can you please update the volume/size of your coco mademoiselle perfume?

  2. Hi! Sorry about that, totally slipped my mind. It's the 50ml bottle :)

  3. Hi there! I notice that you have Guerlain Les Fumes pictured here, but it isn't on your actual sales post. I'm not sure if you removed it or there was an error, but I would be very interested in purchasing it! Please let me know at your convenience, and thanks so much for your time. :)

  4. Sorry, I realize that's Les Cuirs, not Les Fumes. Still interested!

  5. I removed it :) Both were already sold

  6. are the paul&joe lipsticks available?please email me soon


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