Sunday, June 10, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Summer 2012: Chauvet Pont d'Arc Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

Edit: It appears that there was an error in communication when I wrote the earlier post. It turns out that wasn't Chauvet Pont d'Arc, or any existing kaleidoscope at all. It was just a collection of shadows Dustin thought was approximate to the color shown on the press release and I erroneously took it for the real palette. I do apologize for the mistake and any confusion that has caused, and I promise it won't happen again.

That said, I kind of wish that was Chauvet Pont d'Arc. I don't see greens often enough in Le Métier de Beauté kaleidoscopes and that matcha green is particularly breathtaking. Below are pictures of the actual Chauvet Pont d'Arc Kaleidoscope Eye Kit.

The colors are as below:

  • Umber - umbre-toned satin mauve
  • Ocher - shimmering sandstone ochre
  • Madder - shimmering terracotta
  • Crystalline - silky desert matte teal

L-R: Crystalline, Madder, Ocher, Umber, first three shades/four shades blended

When blended together, Chauvet Pont d'Arc becomes a reddish brown true to its source of inspiration. While the first three colors are of its usual stellar quality, the fourth shade was less cooperative. It required a little more work to blend with the rest, and it also doesn't swatch as well. 

While the colors of this kaleidoscope are unique, I decided not to purchase it. Somehow, the blended result didn't complement my skin tone, and with so many kaleidoscopes already in my kit, I decided my heart wouldn't break if I missed out on this one. 

Le Métier de Beauté Chauvet Pont d'Arc retails for $95 and should be available at counters nationwide soon, if not already. My usual contacts are Dustin Lujan (212.872.8612) of Bergdorf Goodman and Traci Dastou (617536.3660 x2111) of Neiman Marcus Boston. When I visited Traci earlier today, she only had five left!

Note: I decided to leave the old post behind, if only for the memory of that matcha green.

I become unreasonably excited every time I get a sneak preview of a new Le Métier de Beauté release, and when I write the post I'm always trying to contain myself so I would sound like a rational human being. So, without further ado, here's the new summer release Chauvet Pont d'Arc Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. The inspiration for the kit is its namesake, the Chauvet Cave in southern France, where the earliest known paintings in the world are found.

The kit consists of a champagne cream, a matcha green (as in when applied it looks exactly like the color of matcha powder), an earthy brown, and a matte denim blue. While the first three tiers applied wonderfully, the blue (as expected from a matte shade) was a little chalky.

I was rushing to apply it on my eyes because I only got to the store around closing time, so these may look a little slapdash. I only managed to snap these pictures about four hours after application.

Eyes: Chauvet Pont d'Arc; Cheeks: Burberry Sheer Summer Glow; Lips: LMdB Cafe Crème

I'm not entirely pleased with the texture of the blue shade, but I have to admit the green color is a breath of fresh air. Le Métier de Beauté rarely features green in their kaleidoscopes, but in this case it is spectacularly done. 

Le Métier de Beauté Chauvet Pont d'Arc retails for $95 and will be available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and select Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue locations soon. While the palette has not reached counters, it is already available for pre-sale. In the past, the Bergdorf location receives new items slightly earlier than other counters. If you would like to pre-order one for yourself, do give Dustin a call at 212.872.8612, and let him know I sent you! 


  1. it looks really nice I've never seen such a cute packaging :-)

  2. not bad. are you getting it?

  3. It looks beautiful. I've always been a fan of their packaging!

  4. I always enjoy reading your reviews about Le Métier de Beauté products!
    I adore the products through reviews on blogs and youtube videos, but unfortunately it isn't available here in germany. Maybe I should be happy bcause if it was available, I would spend so much on

    good review!

  5. Hi
    I'm new to Le metier- I'm struggling to get any kits- what top 4 single colours would u recommend as a start?Thank!

  6. I'm thinking about pre-ordering from my local NM.

    I wish LMdB would sell the actual packaging separately, so individuals could make a custom kit. I'm hoping that they would at least consider this as an option.

  7. I really enjoy your blog...but your are constantly talking about Metier de Beaute. Why? There are millions of interesting brands out there. Why are 80% of your posts about this brand? Do you get paid by them? Curious....

  8. caise- :)

    Anonymous- I'm still considering. I reallllly like the green though

    Annick- :)

    Jade in the Palace- they're available on and they ship internationally!

    MakeupRemasteredbyJo- I personally like Jojo, Plum, Spicy, Corinthian, but it really depends on what color *you* like

    Anonymous- They used to do it for special events, but it was never for sale :(

    Anonymous- Hahaha I apologize. I notice that too, but I *really* like this brand and it gets talked about less in the blogosphere (vs brands like MAC and Chanel) so I do it. I don't get paid by them, and most of the kits I purchase myself. It's difficult to talk about things that don't inspire, and it just happens that the texture of lmdb is one of the best I've used. My makeup kit is largely lmdb as well.

    But I have some stuff from other brands lined up :)

  9. noticed that you're wearing burberry summer glow on your cheeks! i'm still debating on whether to get that or not...keep going back and forth.

    how do you like it?

  10. i love the packaging design! i so want to try this!

  11. Aside from the green, the palette looks awfully close to On the Coast... do you think so? I know you sold yours because of the dupes. Just curious to see how they compare shade-wise. Thanks!

  12. hmm is it more of a grey green sage kind of matcha, orrrr this kind of matcha?

  13. Sorry, but it's kinda boring palette.Nothing ,really,special.I don't know what all the hype is about. :( Pretty girl,thou.

  14. jeanette- I love it! But the scent is quite heavy :x

    Niki- yay!

    Salina- I already sold it so I can't compare it side by side, and I can't say for sure through pictures >< To my eye, OtC is more copper. This one is pure brown.

    Anonymous- grey green sage. The bitter type :P definitely not like the one in the pic!

    Anonymous- Haha, different colors appeal to different people :) I personally love the green shade, while I know many people who love their neutrals very much. I'm sorry you didn't like it though :x

  15. I personally love that you cover LMDB as much as you do, since there are only a handful of bloggers that do and I am obsessed with the brand! Your reviews and tutorials are usually very comprehensive, and accompanying pics are super helpful. I have even told LMDB makeup artists about your lip creme mixes and how to combine the single shadows using the couche de coleur method from Dustin. Keep up the great work! Question: do you think the green in this kaleidescope is similar too "chameleon" and the blue to "lapis"? Thx!

  16. crap. I can't think of a dupe for that green. lancome erika f is too frosty, not enough green... :S most greens on the market seem too green, or too bright, or too yellow.

  17. I love all you do! Keep up the good work! I like what I like as well and anonymous why don't you read about things you like. Just saying....

  18. this reminds me of one of the NARS eye trio

  19. Hi Xiao

    What foundation are you wearing in this post? I love the finish! :)


  20. DEN- Thank you :) The colors are not similar. I have never seen this type of green in any of the kaleidoscopes/permanent eye shadows. As for the blue, lapis has shimmer and *i think* lighter than this shade.

    Anonymous- indeed!

    Shesaid- Thanks! I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's true that I do cover an inordinate amount of LMdB. Even I get a little tired of writing about it sometimes, which is when I switch to other brands that excite me.

    Jyoan- Ooh, Which?

    A Girl's Guide- I'm not wearing foundation in this post :) Just cle de peau concealer in ochre, Burberry Sheer Glow Fluid below the eyes and above the cheekbones, and a faint dusting of Guerlain Perles d'Azur all over the face.

  21. Beautiful photos as usual. I'm really loving that green shade, but I'm curious if you can tell if the first shade in this palette is the same as the first shade in the Cherry Blossom K? Or are they slightly different? So far I have only two LMdB Kaleidoscopes & want to try my best not to get a duplicate of any shades ;)
    PS I love that you feature a lot of LMdB as I do not have a counter near me & your swatches are very helpful. Thank you for all the work & time you put into your beautiful blog x Naomi

  22. To Shesaid said. I am entitled to my opinion. So you need not be rude. I read at least 30 blogs on fashion and beauty. And I am in the business. I like this blog but I do find it monontonous to continually talk about one brand that has very little distribution as well as very little difference in palette colours that has been mentioned already. The brand is very nice, but some times 10 posts a week on the same brand makes this blog basically a selling tool for the brand and not as interesting. It was my point. And I'm sticking to it.

  23. xiao, I was thinking of NARS trio in 9958 Delphes. But I went back to check out the picture of it, and found that it isn't alike at all. The hues and color combination are still very similar because there is an olive green, blueish grey, and peach. haha, but really, the colors are not similar at all.

    I just wish Le Metier de Beaute would come to Singapore. Upon your recommendation, I bought a blush, the liquid eyeliner and the blush brush from Zuneta, and I LOVE them all. The eyeliner is like none other. Darn good. And the blush brush immediately took its place in my everyday makeup pouch. Gosh, the brush is cut to perfection. Currently, there are no stocks of any kaleidoscope on open market at all. T____T

    Anyway, I started reading your blog because one day I came, and I saw those beautiful kaleidoscopes. I thought LMdB is so creative to come up with eye palettes that are not flat. So yeah, I think you should just blog about what you like, and people who like will read, people who don't have thousands of other blogs to read. It's not like you are fighting to amass 1 billion readers, and need to make everyone happy. =)

  24. Dear Anonymous, I don't think I was rude. And since you read so much and sound oh so over overqualified. Why don't you write your own blog and stop your negativity on others page? It was my point. And I'm sticking to it.

  25. Do you know what the names of the colors are in the first kaledioscope you showed? I WANT that green! Thanks

  26. This screams Silk Road. I like Dustin's creation with the green shade

  27. Oh drat! I ordered this based on the previous post!! I was confused when I saw a few other promo photos floating around. Funny, none of the pictures I've seen resemble one another. I wonder what I'll get in the mail!? LOL
    This may be another miss for me from le Metier. There haven't been many, but the misses do hurt at this price.

  28. Yes, Liz, ITA, it does look like Silk Road, which Dustin so wisely told me to skip. I should have talked to him before I ordered this one. :(
    I was surprised how much I loved Northern Lights this year, and I did get a hold of On The Coast. I should have left well enough alone.

  29. Anonymous- Unfortunately, no. They won't be available for sale either :(

    Liz- A little :(

    LuckyRedLisa- I'm SO sorry!! The picture at the top is definitely it. I hope it ends up working for you! I think Silk Road is much much warmer than Chauvet, though!

  30. No worries, Xiao! It may be (sort of!) worth it for the middle two shades. Definitely not your fault, I probably would have bought it anyway. :)

  31. So I got mine, and I really like it! The middle two colors are gorgeous, and the teal works great as a liner, especially layered over le Metier's Aqua Blue Liquid Liner!!

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