Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burberry 'Sheer Summer Glow' Natural Highlighting Compact

I've been wondering for some time when Burberry was going to hop on the limited edition train. Apparently, the time is now. For this summer, the company released a well-edited collection of four Lip Mists (which I didn't purchase) and one limited edition highlighter palette, Sheer Summer Glow. I've been eyeing this ever since I saw the press release almost two months ago, and ordered it as soon as it became available on Nordstrom online (thanks to the heads up from Danielle of Bloomin' Beauty Blog).

The palette consists of four shades: a cream, light pink, honey brown, and dark brown. They all contain muted shimmer. When blended, the result is a light bronze. The palette has a strong scent - it is the same one they use in all Burberry powders, but it's a lot stronger in this one. While it doesn't bother me, it might be too strong for those with sensitive noses. The fragrance disappears on your skin a few moments after application. 

L-R: Blended, lightest to darkest shade

When swirled together with a brush, the palette works more like a summer highlighter than a bronzer. In the picture below, I applied it all over my face, with targeted application on the cheeks and jawline. Burberry Sheer Summer Glow provides a light veil of color to "hone" the face.

Light Application, swirled

That said, if you really want to, you can get more pigment out of the palette. As you all know, I am a fiend about cheekbones, so contouring is a huge step in my routine. I wanted to know if I could use Sheer Summer Glow for that purpose, so I used my contouring brush (Hakuhodo E0108) and swept it across the two darker shades of the palette and applied it on my face. Worked like a charm!

Concentrated application of darker shades with contour brush

Eyes: LMdB Chauvet Pont d'Arc; Lips: LMdB Cafe Creme

Will this replace my go-to contour shade Burberry Earthy Blush? Probably not. But this is a fantastic piece for summer that you'll be able to use into the winter months to give depth to your face. Burberry powders are some of the softest I've ever had the pleasure of trying. If the shades in Sheer Summer Glow are to your liking, I promise you won't regret getting this.

Burberry 'Sheer Summer Glow' Natural Highlighting Compact is a limited edition item that retails for $50 and is available at Burberry counters nationwide. I purchased mine from


  1. Aargh people, stop tempting me! I already! have a million things on my wish list and way too many bronzers to ever finish!

    Love what this does to your cheekbones. Definitely very defined!

  2. As beautiful as hightlighters are, I just can't get that into them, as least not enough to drop a lot of dough on it. This is a gorgeous palette though and I love the way you used it as a bronzer. I wouldn't be able to pull off a shimmery bronzer, but it looks beautiful on you!

  3. I'm waiting for this one to come in :) after Blooms and now you, I definitely want to check it out. Btw I tried the Guerlain shimmer blush thing, was sorely tempted. Maybe soon. It won't sell out so fast here I think (hope)

  4. Looks beautiful on you Wandz! I like that word, "hone". :)

    Gorgeous on you!! I can hardly wait for mine!

  6. this is seriously so pretty! and you are absolutely gorgeous btw!

  7. I don't have any Burberry items...and after seeing this, I'm totally tempted to try this. However, due to the price tag, I want to make sure that I'm going to use this. Just wondering, does the pink show up as blush very well on your skin tone (I'm also Asian)? We're going to Hawaii in a few weeks, and if I get this, I wanted to get away with maybe not packing an extra blush. Thanks!

  8. Sunny- it's *limited edition* Burberry, Sunny!

    Sidney- Thanks! I'm the opposite for highlighters. I would invest in the really good ones because I think the texture is particularly important (many end up emphasizing pores etc.), but I'm the type of girl who enjoys shading more than playing with colors :)

    merivstxell- it really is!

    Paris- \o/ I don't think it's limited edition, though?

    Geeks- Sharpen those cheeks! Lol.

    Trakee- HAHAHA. Yes!

    Niki- Thank you!

    Lesley- You should try them! Their cheek powders are lovely. Unfortunately, the pink in this palette isn't strictly a blush shade. It barely differs from my skin color :( Have fun in Hawaii!

  9. i think it looks god smack stunning on you!!!! u are all tempting me to get this!!!!!!!! but so many bronzers what to do??

  10. Seriously I need to get this! You make this looks very beautiful :) There are many great bronzers released in Summer 2012 and this is definitely one of them!

  11. I feel like I've been waiting absolutely FOREVER for mine to arrive. I'm SO super-excited! I started to get a little worried that it would be too sheer for my light to medium skin tone, but it looks fab on you and I have a similar coloring--so yay!

  12. I knew I shouldn't have looked. This palette is gorgeous and perfect, as are your cheekbones! Burberry is in that price range that I have been very good about not breaking into, but you make it so hard D:

  13. Haha you looked gorgeous in this photo shoot!

    Also, I can't believe that you are not wearing foundation - I really really think you can forgo that step if you look like that with just a concealer and highlighter powder! :D

  14. I don't know, if I like it or not, lol. I think it will be too dark as a highlighter for me but I already have so many bronzers, hmmm. but the texture should be what I expect from burberry: pigmented and smooth x

  15. Amazing - I should check this out at Duty Free!

  16. A couple weeks late but still, I just picked this up a week ago. I couldn't resist; it's *so* beautiful and I'm pale enough that I think it'll work really nicely with my skin tone. Sadly I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet! *pouts*

  17. I wasn't certain that I wanted to get this product, but am sooo happy that I did! Thank you for this review. I hadn't until now considered using only one of the shades as I've been using the entire palette (light swirl). I'm not honestly certain as the actual effect but I feel quite 'luxurious' after using it. I personally love the scent of the powder ... again just the feeling it gives one:) Kind of like pulling on a cashmere sweater! oxo Care


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