Thursday, May 31, 2012

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick 03 Tsuyazakura

Once upon a time I thought pinks were the easiest shade to tackle for lipsticks. Our lips are pink, how hard could it be? 

Well, I now have a newfound loathing toward searching for natural-looking pink lipsticks. I just confirmed for the umpteenth time a few days ago (why I need to do this more than once is beyond me) that despite my non-adherence to the warm/cool color theory, I absolutely cannot pull off warm pinks. While doing inventory for my blog sale, I realized I should have known this long ago – I have so many barely used warm pinks in my stash. Such wanton wastage! 

That said, I'm naturally attracted to warm pinks in the tube (alas, always to the things I cannot have). When I saw Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick 03 Tsuyazakura alarm bells went off. It wasn't going to work, I told myself, especially after seeing the swatch. But I was at a counter and if there's anything you do there it's trying on the things you cannot get.

On my lips, Tsuyazakura turned out to be much less warmer, a neutral natural rose pink shade, so of course I got it. Lipsticks never cease to amaze me on how different they can look once actually applied. 

I've already discussed the Suqqu lipstick formula in depth (see here) and it remains to be one of the best lipsticks I've ever tried. The Creamy Glow formula delivers a rich, opaque finish that works very well especially with nude/natural shades.

Unfortunately, Suqqu products are not available for retail in the States. I purchased mine at Selfridges in London when I visited some months ago. For those who absolutely have to get their hands on it, there's, but at highly marked up rates.


  1. You have the talent for sniffing out the best lipsticks ever, Xiao! This is just too ridiculously gorgeous on you!

  2. My god, soulmate. Perfect skin, perfect face, perfect lipcolour!

    *smothers your face with pinches*

  3. gorgeous! I must get this next. andddd BLOGSALE? when is this wonder happening? hope it doesn't start when I'm sound asleep in bed :(

  4. beautiful.
    I saw this colour the other day and didn't expect this colour would look so soft and romantic.

  5. btw I like cherry blossom on you! :) I like the 'scope more than northern lights, surprisingly :)

  6. Holy moly this looks gorgeous! Warm pinks are definitely one of those hidden gems in my opinion. My favorite pink lipstick is a warm one! :D

  7. What a stunning color! I had to go and look at this for myself! When I did the conversion I sadly had to come back and look longingly at yours lol, you weren't kidding when you said they were highly marked up! Thanks though for the heads up, it's appreciated!

    When are you planning on doing your blog sale? I may have to peek in on that ;-)

  8. How baaaaadly I want this. It's the perfect not quite rose, not quite berry, not quite brown shade. And it's soooo creamy.

    You, by the way, are absolutely stunning. It's certainly not easy to say no to a lipstick (already an obsession) when you're modeling it so well!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. "My god, soulmate. Perfect skin, perfect face, perfect lipcolour!

    *smothers your face with pinches*"

    This... Pretty much!

  10. GORGEOUS!!!

    It's kind of amazing how you (I) can tell by the swatches how creamy and moisturizing it seems, too. Just... wow!

  11. this color looks absolutely gorgeous on you

  12. This is totally my color! I wish Suqqu would come to Singapore.

  13. Holy cow, this looks incredible on you! Now that is my kind of lipstick. Why oh why did I have to choose this one to become obsessed with though--I HATE purchasing makeup online

  14. Dear god, this may be the most harmoniously perfect shade I've ever seen on you (and I love you in more dramatic shades)

  15. hhahaha oh god this is so true! There are a lot of pale pinks that look great in the tube, but then I put them and I look washed out and terrible. Warm pinks actually work well on me as long as they're not too light. Anyways, I digress. This shade is perfection on you! I've been lemming Suqqu lipsticks for a long time, they just sound like they have the most luxurious formulas and wearable shades.

  16. That is a fabulous colour! Love it!

  17. Agreeing with Becca...I want to try a Creamy Glow lipstick so badly but can't bring myself to order from ichibankao...

  18. I'd analyse you as a neutral babe! Probably neutral-cool (That is, neutral with a cool influence: You can wear SLIGHTLY warm neutral colours if they're deep and fairly high in saturation). Your primary characteristic is your depth of colouring, so the colours that look best on you are relatively deep: Your best MLBB colour will be a deeper pink (purely) relative to other people's. The colours that would look best on this type of colouring are things like charcoals, deep dark blackened dull browns, dark dull eggplant, blackened navy, taupes, dull (not too "dusty" or soft) greys, deep slightly burnt reds, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's a pretty good description of where your skin tone is at!

    In other words, take the colours that look best on Rae, and warm and dull them slightly and you're there. :P

  19. Man your cheekz are just perfection. PERFECTION I scream. :)
    LOVE this shade on you. I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up any Suqqu when I was in London, but the prices scared the jeebus outta me. I tend to freak out more when I see prices in pounds for some reason.
    BLog Sale you say? Full of warm pinks? :)

  20. Hi there! I was looking on Ichibankao and 03 is called Tsuyazakura not Hiyuri.....I was wondering if this is the same color because I'm interested in ordering it...I just want to make sure I'm choosing the right color because this looks lovely on you :)

  21. Sunny- Thank you for the nicest words, Sunny <3

    Rae- I'M PINCHED! :D

    time4beauty- Suqqu lipsticks are a-ma-zing!

    stephanie- I'm still photographing stuff (darn rain)! Don't worry I'll let you guys know beforehand when it'll go live.

    Anonymous- :)

    Maggie- I wish I could pull them off :( They look so delectable in the tube but pulls out every single bit of yellow in me

    Shannon K-K- Sigh. I wish they weren't so limited in distribution. I'm still photographing my stuff for the sale but rest assured I'll let everyone know beforehand when it'll go live.

    Jessica- AW YOU <3 If I happen to go to London anytime soon I'll let you know ;)

    dani- does that mean I get you pinching me too? :)

    Liz- I thought the same thing about the swatch thing!!

    socialitedreams- thank you :)

    Jyoan- you and me both! (though that'll still be quite far away even if i go home ><)

    Becca- I know how you feel :(

    The Driveller Kate- Haha thanks!

    Makeup Morsels- They do! You have to try them if ever you get a chance

    Perilously Pale- It is! :D

    Isla- Not gonna lie. Ordering from Ichibankao is highway robbery. Anyone you know from UK willing to do a CP?

    Alison- Spot on! This makes sense. I always get confused when warm colors don't work on me since I always thought of myself as neutral-warm.

    Tracy- Yes >:)

    LULU- I'M SORRY! I have no idea where I got Hiyuri from. It's definitely 03 and I've corrected the name in the post.


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