Friday, May 25, 2012

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate

This is completely not in season but really, what is anymore? Last I heard dark wine lips are in (for fall, but people are already wearing it now. At some point I need to stop thinking anything is "in" anymore). The Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate may not be dark, but it's another one of those easy-to-apply reds, and I will be terribly remiss if I waited till blue-red lips are "appropriate" to show it to you.

L-R: Bite Pomegranate, Guerlain Rouge G Garconne

I mean, just look at that. 

While Bite calls this a matte pencil, I don't find it particularly so. While not glossy per se, the finish reminds me of licked lips. Bite's also not joshing around on the "high pigment" front. This is a one swiper. I would be really afraid of making mistakes with this (not that the pencil makes it easy to. In fact, I'd say it'll take effort to mess it up) just because it leaves such a stain - but that usually also means the color's going to last forever.

(This review is kind of hard to write because my soulmate Rae has already written a perfect one, see here.)

Bite High Pigment Matte Pencil in Pomegranate retails for $24 and is available at Sephora.


  1. Oh, soulmate. This looks so much better on you than it does on me! *flails*

    (But thank you for calling my review perfect :P I wish I could reach through this screen to pinch your cheeks!)

  2. OH. MY. That looks FANTASTIC on you Cheekz! It's perfect!

  3. LOVE THIS! I'm going to have to look for places that sell Bite online :P

  4. Alright, you have strengthened my resolve that this NEEDS to be in my life. Not that I wear the red lipstick I already have, but good lord is this gorgeous. So, um, mission accomplished? It looks stunning!

  5. I love reds, after seeing this, I think I have to get it, the colour is so vampy but classic at once! looks very pigmneted and even, LOVE it! <3

  6. That is a gorgeous color. It's a bit too pigmented for myself, but you look amazing!

  7. You look way too unreasonably GORGEOUS with this!!! I don't think blue-red will work for me personally, but you always wear it so well!!!

  8. I LOVE this - deep blue reds are my favorite. It's been on my wishlist since Rae's review, and now I want it even more!

  9. Holy crap that is so FREAKING GORGEOUS!!

  10. i have and love this one, don't use it nearly enough. looks amazing on you

  11. Whoa, Cheekz! This one is much brighter and lighter on me! I like how vampy it looks on you!

  12. This looks AMAZING on you! Love it!

  13. omg i am so in love with this color!!!

  14. Nobody does red like you. And you and Rae are so cute! <3

  15. This is gorgeous, but I just bought Garconne and can't quite justify another red so similar right now. Alas.

  16. Ooh pretty! How do these wear? Do they bleed? It reminds me of Chanel Dragon RAL.

  17. Oh you pretty pretty thing. And... your cheekbones are BEYOND in this post.

  18. Just so you know, you made me go buy this and holy crap, I love this red! LOVE! lol I don't find it matte either, which is great for me since matte and I don't always agree. :)

  19. Rae- That is again, not possible, soulmate :) Your post was the one that made me get it (how many times has this happened? I would shake my fist at you except if I am ever in the same vicinity I would prefer to twirl you around instead)

    Tracy- I think this would look great on everyone!

    Paris- Aha :P If you ever need a mule, let me know!

    Amy- I know, right? I think I featured at least 10 reds on this site at least, and it's not like I wear them often at all >< (even though they are fantastic and *should* be worn very very often)

    Aina- :D

    Claire- It is, it so is!

    Sidney- thank you :)

    Sunny- but blue-reds work across tones, no? :)

    Emi- Rae's review was the one that pushed me over the edge!

    Shely- :)

    socialitedreams- Thanks!

    Larie- I noticed! Looked lighter on Rae as well. Maybe it's my lips...

    Crystal- Thank you!

    Niki- It's definitely an easy color to love :)

    Liz- YOU are cute :)

    rebecca- I know that feeling :( But yay for Garconne! Isn't it amazing?

    Becca- They don't bleed and lasts very very long. Was a little staining when I took it off, but that is expected with a good pigmented red, I suppose.

    Geekz- <3! All in the shading :P

    Evelyn- Heh. Glad you loved it :)

  20. I absolutely LOVE this shade on you!! It gives you such a polished model-like look! Stunning!


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