Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunday Riley Blush in 105 Intimate

For some reason I wasn't super excited about Sunday Riley Blush in 105 Intimate. There is nothing really wrong with it. It's pigmented, applies smoothly, and is a do-no-wrong coral pink with tiny shimmers. Put over the right foundation, it lasts all day. However, there's an overall "it's nice, but..." sentiment to it that I can't quite put to words.

I suppose at some point a beauty blogger has to be more discerning with her own purchases. If you are new to makeup this will be a fabulous shade for you, but for someone who already owns a slew of peach-pink blushes this will just be another one added to the stash, and if you are said person chances are you already have a HG coral pink. Perhaps I've been too spoiled by my Burberry powders, but I don't find the Sunday Riley texture to be particularly noteworthy. Again, it's smooth, but...

Cheeks: Sunday Riley Intimate; Highlight: Shu Uemura P930

All that said, you really can't beat the price. At $30, it's only $2 more than a NARS blush (I'd pick this over NARS) and way less than a Burberry (though I maintain that they are worth every dollar). Since my gripe is more about the generic color and less about the blush itself, perhaps I would have been much more satisfied had I picked another color from the line.

Sunday Riley Blush in 105 Intimate retails for $30 and is exclusively available at Barney's New York.


  1. You, Wands, you're just evil! You keep tempting me with stuff that I can't have!

    So fine, I own coral pinks. But that's my favorite blush color and I want every single one I see! grrr

  2. I agree with you. I have the sunday riley blush in blushing and think it is not worth it. I find the texture to be chalky and not blendable. It sits on my skin and looks powdery unlike every other blush I own.

  3. thank you for this post and taking me back to the ground from my expectations! i can't get this brand where i live, so i was just about to get it CP'd after reading many rave reviews about the line. i don't like the 80's look of the packaging but was almost willing to accept this flaw if the texture and finish was exceptional. now hearing that it isn't, it relieves me not having put too much effort to get it.
    your skin is amazingly smooth though, so i think most blushes look good on you texturewise.

  4. Peach-pinks look sooo pretty on you! <3

  5. Every blush looks good on your chiseled cheeks Wands! But yeah, I'm with you-Burberry blushes are amazing. I also love Chantecaille ones.

  6. Finally, a Sunday Riley post that isn't driving me nuts! *\o/*

    That said - Intimate does look gorgeous on your cheekbones, lovely. <3!

  7. After reading numerous raving reviews, I ordered SR eyeshadows, blush, and lip gloss from Barneys online sight unseen - to my regret. Every time I open those compacts, I feel like I'm using some drugstore products from 1990s. The packaging looks and feels cheap beyond description. The products' quality is mediocre to say the least. I should've visited SR counter to see those "masterpieces" in person. Why oh why had I listened to those reviews? Never again!

  8. What a pretty, natural flush! :D

  9. Thank you for the honest and candid review - all too often, I feel that some blog reviewers, in their passion for cosmetics in general, are not as discerning as they could be... I did hustle over to Barneys when they first started carrying SR, and purchased some SR eyeshadows, but was not blown away by either the consistency or colors of the blushes and shadows. I do agree with you about Burberry blushes!


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