Thursday, March 1, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Nail Lacquer in Bon Voyage

Ladies, this is what I call a true blue. (Also, at the risk of sounding way too indulgent about myself, can we just pause and admire my cuticles and application? I have never done such a good job in my life.)

This godsent color is Le Métier de Beauté Bon Voyage, part of the John Barrett Salon exclusive nail lacquer collection. 

For my own visual delight, I painted the tip of my nails using Le Métier de Beauté matte top coat, which unfortunately is discontinued and most probably sold out everywhere. Do not fret, plenty of other nail polish companies (Rescue Beauty Lounge, Essie, etc.) carry matte top coats in their permanent lineup. 

Le Métier de Beauté nail lacquers feature a stellar formula (smooth and easy application) and come equipped with a great brush that makes applying nail polish an actual joy. I can't comment on weartime because I change my nail color every three days or so, but from my limited experience I can tell you they barely chip and the color stays true.

Le Métier de Beauté Bon Voyage retails for $18 and is exclusively available at the John Barrett Salon in New York City. Thanks to the internet, you can now purchase it at


  1. It's a great color and it looks fantastic on you! You've always done nice and clean manicures though, so I have nooo idea what you're talking about ;) Love the matte stripes too! Great finishing touch!

  2. this shade has been on my purchase list for a while now and you're sending me over the edge xiao! =) i love the matte french tip--what a great idea!

  3. I love this shade like I love your face! <3

  4. Haha! You did do a great job! I love this shade of blue! It's gorgeous!

  5. This is my favorite shade of blue right now! You did an awesome job on your nails. What is your secret to keeping them so healthy, I've been testing so many polishes lately that my nails have gotten so ugly!

  6. Oooh, I like this blue! It's different from the usual.

    And yes, you did a fabulous job :)

  7. I love the matte tip and this colour is gorgeous! And yes, great application =)

  8. Ooooh what did you do differently with the application? Looks great, Wands! Love the colour, but I wish it was opaque, as my nail line is wonky. I like it to be covered up.

  9. beautiful nails! the matte tip is so fun.

  10. Silly me! That was a matte tip? :S Geeks, fail!

  11. Hello Xiao! may I suggest you to do a video tutorial about painting your nails? because I'm so clumsy at it... and I paint my nails weekly! but I never get such a uniform and smooth surface as you do, and I use basecoat, topcoat, etc. or at least give us some tips.
    another thing, how do you avoid the nail polishes to thicken? thanks a lot, greetings from Spain!

  12. /admiring your cuticles and application
    I can't get anywhere near this close and am commenting solely to give you props.

  13. Sunny- Oh you're just too nice *blushes*

    jeanette- You won't regret it! Can't take all the credit for the matte french tip. Dustin did it on me first and now I'm obsessed about it.

    dani- I love your comment like I love youuuu!

    Tracy- Thank you :D

    Adriana- I think... they're not actually healthy *guiltyface* they're kinda yellow because I wear polish all the time. I realized that a regular regimen of cod liver oil does wonders for nails and hair though

    Larie- :D

    Lily- hehe! Thanks!

    Geeks- pfft :P

    Jackie- Thank you!

    Maje- Thanks for the idea! I don't mind writing a tutorial on my full nail routine (though perhaps not a video, but I think pictures will be able to convey the full story!) when I have the time :)

    From what I hear, you can get nail polish thinners for thickened nps, but it is not suggested because it actually changes the color/texture of the formula. The thing you can do is to take care of your bottles as you go along. When you see congealed/hardened bits on the mouth of the bottle, take a paper towel with nail polish remover and clean it off. This is so that air will not be able to seep through and "thicken" the nail polish in the first place :) I hope this helps!

    Angela- THANK YOU :D

  14. thanks so much for answering! I have another suggestion, what about the 30's inspired manicure? that thing of living the half moon of the base of the nail bare, have you try that? because that is reallt tricky for me but it's a style I love... keep that in mind if you like that style for future tutorials or inspiration.... thanks again, bye!!


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