Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

... If only for an excuse to wear green (or green polish!) and drink obscene amounts of beer. 

Appalling to admit, but I don't have anything green in my wardrobe, and if not for a friend's birthday I wouldn't even step out of my room (it's 8pm, I live on the 18th floor, and can clearly hear the drunkards on the street). But the upside is I get to resurrect an old polish from my stash and get myself off my makeup rut by actually applying some on my face. 

Said polish is Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War

For those who aren't infected by the greens, have a happy Saturday and I'll see you soon!


  1. That is ONE GORGEOUS PHOTO, Xiao! I LOVE the nail polish and the lips! Your hair and cheekbones also look mega fine :)

  2. Baby them cheekbones are amaze! I love them almost as much as Sherlock's! Almost. :P
    Love that green!

  3. The nail polish is gorg...but I'm LOVING that gloss! ;) I don't really do St. Patrick's Day...seeing as how most people celebrate the day with drinking at dawn...blech. No thanks! lol. Have fun at your friends party!!

  4. I agree with my Lil Sis, Tracy...your cheekbones are to DIE for! I love how this green looks against your fair skin......wish I could have my similar shades look like that, but they somehow managed to attract every tinge of green out of my skin instead, lol! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you - glad you're staying safe!!

  5. Yes, it's pretty, but I'm distracted by your super luminous skin! Share your secret!

  6. I LOVE that green!!!!! It's unique as hell. Have a good night!

  7. You're just like me! I don't have ANY green in my wardrobe... which was why when my office had a free dress only if you wear green on Friday, I was struggling! I ended up buying a guy's shirt from Country Road because I didn't realise how hard it was to find green shirts for women!!

  8. Looks like an advertisement, you are far too stunning. Love that green nail shade!

  9. I don't think that green is a very good shade for Asians to wear in general, so I applaud you for going against the green!

  10. I love that pic! Green is my favourite colour, if I could, I would wear it the whole year, haha. but I get easily bored, lol <3 the green nailpolish looks very nice actually!

  11. Your makeup is amazing! What do u have on for cheeks/lips and foundation? I love it ;-)

  12. Sunny- thank you! :)

    Tracy- I'm imagining you saying it in your smexy voice xD And no one can top Sherlock's cheekbones, no one!

    Danielle- It's the LMdB Aurora lip kit, just in case you wanted to know!

    ommorphia- Thank you :D I'm iffy about the green. At times I think it's genius, then others I think it makes me look yellow...

    dani- secret shared in the next post!

    Rainy Days and Lattes- Ji's colors tend to do that :)

    Phoebe Limanta- lol! I agree. Green is not a great color on my personally anyway

    emmabovary- Thank you for the nicest words!

    Jamilla Camel- I agree :( I can only rock polish!

    Claire- :)

    Anonymous- Thank you! I detailed the things I used (and the full look) in the next post

  13. i love murky nail colors. that is so gorgeous.

  14. I think I'm too brown to wear this polish (I'd feel far too much like camoflage all over I'm afraid!), but it really wears beautifully on your skin tone. It's a more unique army green than I've seen around - great Paddy's Day shade, with a twist!


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