Friday, May 11, 2012

NARS Summer 2012: Vendanges Sheer Lipstick

I secretly love beauty companies that break "color rules," i.e. pink for spring, bronzers for summer, red for fall/winter. While NARS served up plenty of traditional summer hues in their most recent collection, they sneaked in little surprises that threw me off, like the Vendanges Sheer Lipstick, and for that I am grateful. 

Vendanges is a sheer grape shade that could be layered for a deeper effect, as shown in the swatch picture above. NARS lipsticks are quite comfortable to wear, and the Sheer Lipstick formula even more so. I couldn't feel it on my lips, even while I was applying it! Vendanges is scent and taste free.

Eyes: LMdB Splendid Frost

Since it is so sheer, Vendanges ends up being wearable even though it is usually classified as a fall shade. After all, one can only wear orange/coral/hot pink for so long before itching for something more demure.

NARS Vendanges Sheer Lipstick retails for $24 and is available at all NARS counters and Curiously, it hasn't appeared at my local Sephora yet (they usually get there a lot earlier) but it should any day now!


  1. LOVE this one! I agree that after awhile the corals get a bit much.

  2. I never had a real coral/orange phase, so I am enjoying it right now, haha. I do like this colour on others but I never could pull this shade off :( I think it will look muddy on me.

  3. sadly this emphasised my dry patches.

  4. I scored mine at Sephora last night. It's Fast Ride's lighter clone, and it's gorgeous. It looks muddy brown in the tube, but it's magic on the lips.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I never would have given that shade a second look if I hadn't seen it on you.

  6. I like unique colors too. But I don't think I can wear a brown like this.

  7. Beautiful! I hadn't seen swatches of this one before. I really like it :D

  8. I really like this shade. I love dirty plums and the like, so this is up my alley. Thanks for the heads up. It's lovely on you.


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