Saturday, May 12, 2012

NARS Summer 2012: Liberté Blush

NARS released just one cheek product for summer, the fiery orange Liberté Blush. While it looks scarily bright in the pan, it actually applies as a much softer color, which you can build in intensity if desired. It is easier than I thought it would be to use, perhaps because when applied, the color leans closer to red than orange on the skin. The texture is NARS at its best.

There is something I struggle with every time NARS releases a seasonal collection. I want it all. Immediately. But their products are really seasonal to me, as in I'll use them for three months and never touch them again. With the advent of having to move again (I've moved house so often in the past four years that all I want to do now is stay at the same spot for the next decade or so), I am starting to question the size of my makeup stash and the rationality of my purchases.

I've had pieces from the summer collection for three weeks now, and after the initial excitement wore off, I can safely say I could have done without the Ramatuelle Trio and Liberté Blush, nice as they are. How bad is it that I started this post wanting to write about the blush only to conclude that the lipstick remains a much more exciting topic? Love that shade.

NARS Liberté Blush retails for $34 and is available at


  1. I've always thought it would be nice if you could buy small versions of just about everything - say, a third the size for half the price. The company would win because it's a higher markup, and it would be a win for me too because I don't use up most products!

  2. You make me want Moscow. Xiaoooooo :P

  3. Cheekz! It does look really great on you!
    There's no way I could pull it off, which is why I've skipped most of this collection. I agree about your assessment of NARS-I tend to only buy one or two things ONLY if I think it's rather neutral like Lhasa. I think really hard if I have something similar or not now. My blush ban has helped me out-even with all the new pretty blushes released this year, I already had something similar in my stash, so did I miss out on anything? Nope.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry you got the buyer's remorse. I still want Ramatuelle, though! You and Pink Sith made me want it :) do you swap on MUA?

  5. You rock red lips like nobody's business. Love it! I think Liberte would have been the only thing I would have bought from this collection, being a certified blush fiend now. *eyes Tracy* Also, I'm having fun picturing you on the move with one suitcase devoted to clothes while three are filled with makeup. :D

  6. I do love Nars blushes, but like Emi, I wish they did smaller versions of them. I've had some for years and hardly made a dent in them!

  7. But but but Ramatuelle looks so good on you! Everytime I see you wear it in your photos, I think, "Whoa, what does she have on!" and run to put mine on :D

    I think your biggest problem is that you can pull off pretty much any look and therefore your bank account suffers...


  8. I'm fairly certain you're the sole reason I desperately want Moscow now. You just make all reds look so enticing!

  9. seriously in love with this blush!!

  10. I like the blush, but it looks too much like Taos, minus the shimmer. Since I already have Taos and prefer shimmer, no Liberté for me.

    I know how you feel about the volume of products. I have a significant amount of makeup and I have had to hold back on buying any of the seasonal stuff. The only seasonal thing I bought in a long time was Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss pencil. I love Nars and I have been sorely tempted to buy new stuff, but I have to prioritize: food, gas, or makeup??

    But I actually do rotate through the things I have and I make sure I use pretty much all my stuff. I wish that the products came in smaller and more affordable sizes so I could enjoy a greater range of colors. Unlike some folks, I am not afraid of color - I will rock any color I please. Neutrals have their place but I really enjoy having a variety of bright colors.


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