Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ullu Snapon iPhone Case

As iPhone users go, I'm one of the purists. I much prefer going caseless to retain the integrity of the design, and since I'm quite careful with my belongings, I'm not too worried about damage to my phone. That said, I do want my phone to last over two years before having to shell out for another, and a little voice in my head tells me that's not possible unless I cover it up.

The challenge then was to find something that's functional yet aesthetically pleasing. What always surprises me is how incredibly challenging that is (think shopping for heels. Ugh). Existing iPhone cases either look clunky (Otterbox being the perennial favorite) or basic (the $5 variety on Amazon), so I was glad when I finally found something I liked – believe me, it was a journey.

Ullu products are hand stitched and hand finished, and come in a variety of leathers and delectable hues. I was sorely tempted by the ostrich leather material but couldn't justify the spend ($225!). Instead, I opted for the Grain Leather Snapon Case in Sun Ray ($55), a bright yellow to brighten up the currently moody winter.

I knew I made the right choice when the case arrived in the mail. The grainy texture of the leather is pleasing to the touch and lends the case an air of sophistication. It is as sleek as an iPhone case can be, adding such little bulk to the phone that it only took me a day to get used to the widened grip. The case is fitted very well to the phone and is pretty hard to remove once it's on, which is a good thing in my books. One of my pet peeves with cases is flimsiness and it doesn't look like this will become loose over time.

Overall, highly recommended. Visit for more.

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