Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fingers in the Cold

It is a happy coincidence that I took a picture of myself holding this bottle of Nails Inc Porchester Square a few months ago in my DKNY Cashmere Pop Top Gloves, because at this point of time I wouldn't be caught dead outside without those tops fully closed. Sometimes, it's hard to stomach the price of cashmere (these gloves are $95), but I've experienced enough winters that I can't deny its efficacy. That and Uniqlo Heattech are my two saving graces this frigid season.

But we were talking about protecting the fingers of those who are untenable toward the cold, so consider this a PSA to get these gloves. It keeps you warm while enabling you to show off your manicure (if you so wish) and use a smart phone with minimal exposure. I'm kind of jealous that it's now on sale at

As for the polish, it's now in a bigger, heavier bottle with the same ol' stuff inside. Porchester Square is a beige mauve shade that would serve as a great nude for most.

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