Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner Review

Six months ago, I blogged about being able to go three days between hair washes. My number now hovers around the 3-4 day range (though I used to have to at least wet my hair every other day, and now I can go all three days without it touching water), and even though I'm sure I can surpass it, I'm happy with the way things are – I like my hot showers, thank you very much.

Since then, I knew that the "conventional" wisdom of shampooing every day was probably concocted by a marketing professional. In fact, there is more evidence that the contrary (less shampooing) is better for our hair health. Unfortunately, most of us have been indoctrinated on that misbelief since a young age, and our scalps have adapted to that routine, producing more oil than is necessary. It is a vicious cycle that requires tenacity to break. I had to endure weeks of absolutely disgusting hair when I began extending my washes.

Ever since trying the Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, I'm quite convinced that even the concept of shampoo is redundant. When using a shampoo and conditioner duo, we are essentially stripping our hair of everything (both good and bad stuff) when using the former, only to rehydrate it with the latter. It becomes more ridiculous the more you think about it.

So, think of this formula – I hesitate to call it two-in-one, because it makes me think of hotel products that dry and tangle my hair like no other, and because we should begin to disassociate hair washing with a two-step process – as a one stop shop for your hair. The instructions are straightforward: in the shower, massage a sizable amount of product into scalp and comb through ends of hair. Rinse.

What you get is surprise, because you really don't need shampoo to have clean hair. In fact, the best part of the process is my hair never gets tangled. The conditioner also smells wonderful and you emerge from the shower with soft, volumized hair. I haven't experienced a routine-changing product in a long time, and this completely blew my existing regimen out of the water (ha!).

You have to admire a company that has enough integrity to post their products' entire ingredient list on their website. For now, you can only purchase Unwash products at specific salons (the company encourages you to nominate your local salon if you would like easier access) but I'm hoping they'll consider an online store presence soon.

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