Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Chanel Rouge Allure in Rouge Noir #109

Chanel recently updated its Rouge Allure formula and the only reason I knew was because they put up signs at their counters saying so. I was initially prepared to skip the collection, but after I swatched Notorious the Chanel SA asked if I would like to try anything and my eyes locked on to Rouge Noir #109. If you recall, I've been searching for a perfect vamp for over two months and haven't made any progress, so I swiped it on my lips. 

There's an idiom in Chinese about looking for something you really want to no avail, only to find it without effort. That was basically how I felt.

The new Rouge Allures sport the same packaging as the old ones, with its click-to-open mechanism and sleek black frame. The new formula is supposed to be more moisturizing and more intensely pigmented, but since my only acquisition is a vampy shade, I don't know if the pigmentation claim is true.

On a side note, I recently rediscovered my love for the Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette. I initially stopped using it because I could never make it look flattering on me, but I later realized it's because I kept trying to use all six colors at once. For the look in this post, I applied the lightest shade below the brows and inner corners to highlight, the leftmost shade all over the lid, the bottom shade on the crease, and the rightmost shade as liner. 

Sweater is from Club Monaco, purchased a year ago

All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase. Rouge Noir applies evenly provided you don't have dry lips (lip balm is your best friend!), and it's so pigmented that one swipe is all you need. When I tested it, the lipstick lasted at least five hours, only slightly losing its sheen throughout. I removed it at the five hour mark because it was the end of the day, but with this color I'm pretty sure it could hold on much longer.   

Ingredient list for those who need it:

Chanel Rouge Allure Rouge Noir #109 retails for $34 and is available at, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. I purchased mine from Saks Fifth Avenue New York.

Products used in this post:
· Skin: Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge #2 mixed with Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up #22, RMS Beauty Living Luminizer
· Cheeks: Chanel Notorious Blush, Benefit Dandelion Blush

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  1. This is one of my favorite looks for you Wandz. You look absolutely beautiful; the lip color is sexy but still elegant, bold but still classy. I'm buying today. =)

    Also, where did you get that sweater? I just want to copy all of your clothes and makeup; you are just lovely. Hail to the lemming master!

  2. *gasp*
    This blog is dangerous for me

  3. Ahhh it IS the perfect vampy lipstick for you! I have Enjouee, and I think for such a lightweight texture it is true that the pigmentation level is high, and it doesn't slip off :)

  4. Beautiful look! I love that lip color, it's perfect on you.

  5. Ah, Wandz, you're so pretty! It's perfect for you! I will have to take my Armani lipstick to the counters to compare, but I don't think I need *two* vampy lipsticks. You are stunning, my dear. ;)

  6. Angela C- I am OBSESSED with vamp lips now! Imagine dark plum, deep reds! The sweater is from Club Monaco but I purchased it a year ago :(

    Karima- hahaha. I bet you'll look ridiculously fierce in it

    Sunny- It's nice, isn't it! I love that I just stumbled upon something that's equal amounts red/brown/purple.

    Tatiana- Thank you!

    Larie- Yes you do! And tell me the result :D (we needz more of this vamp thing, Larie!)

  7. I recently discovered your blog and today's post called for recognition. I'm also a bold lip devotee and your images are inspirational. While the lips drew me in, it was great to see Chanel's Notorious in use. It's a perfect editorial look. Kudos also for monetizing your site. A wise move.

  8. Place Vendome is one of my favourite eyeshadows! Its a great ashy grey for blondes but looks lovely on you too!

  9. I'm also relatively new to your blog but in that short span of time I've done a fair bit of damage to my wallet based on your lovely reviews and gorgeous looks!! Rouge Noir is my favourite vamp lip (Mine's the Rouge Coco version though - Curious about how the formula compares to the new RAs?). As you so aptly described, its the perfect balance of plum/red/brown so it goes with anything. The other vampy lipsticks I've bought are Rouge d'Armani 403 (in my desperate attempt to find a dupe for Chanel Baroque which again I saw on your site!) and Rouge d'Armani 408 which is more berry tone. Out of these, Rouge Noir is still my go to vamp lipstick :)

  10. Angela- Thank you for commenting! I love hearing from silent readers. I've been using Notorious daily since I acquired it. It's really not

    baby in a corner- Yes! I'm so glad I gave it another chance.

    Tracy- Love YOU!

    Gwen- Thank you for the kind words! For Rouge Cocos I like Ballet Russe (but I wasn't moved to purchase after I tried it. No longer blown away by the formula). I haven't tried the Rouge Coco version of Rouge Noir though, so I can't reliably make a comparison :(

  11. You look gorgeous! Like a model out of vogue! Have you considered modeling?! You should!

  12. UNF!!! I absolutely love this look on you!

  13. Wow, that shade is so vampy! I love it on you! So dramatic and very gothic (but not goth). Do you think this is a shade one could pull off for everyday, like at work?

  14. Wow this shade looks incredible on you!

  15. wow i love this color!!! amazing! and i love your blog ;)

  16. That is such a stunning shade! As soon as you stop looking for something, it falls into your lap, I love it. I don't mind affiliate links at all, I would rather give back to a blogger when I'm purchasing things because of them anyway. Your hard work is appreciated :)

  17. Oh Lord.....this is beyond stunning! For the longest time, I avoided reds & vampy shades, then this year I've done a 360 and have finally started wearing all these shades that I've been hoarding. But this! I realized that I own the original 'Rouge Noir #18' lipstick that Chanel produced (in conjunction with the matching nail shade) and now I'm dying to get my hands on this updated version to compare.

    Oh are just so gorgeous & the shade suits you to perfection -- perfect eye look to go with it!

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