Friday, September 21, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Silence

I finally found a way to do product photography with the new lighting! Oh, this is such a joy.

Today's post is really just an extension of the previous one, and a chance to profile one of those amazing reds we find from time to time. Rouge Bunny Rouge Color Burst Lipstick in Raw Silence is so unabashedly and delectably red it's almost criminal. The smooth, creamy formula makes it very comfortable to wear, but it's not so creamy that it slips and slides around the mouth. It was a no-brainer to pair this cool red with a crisp white shirt and pointed cat-eye.

On a side note, I always thought I had thin, fine hair because of the way it sticks to my head when it gets oily. Now I think I was just mistaken, or my recent hair routine is working, or my hair stylist is a genius. Either way, I'm now suddenly dealing with all this hair and I have no idea what to do with it. #beautybloggerproblem

Rouge Bunny Rouge products can be found on Zuneta (worldwide) and BeautyHabit (US residents). The color must be in high demand, because it's currently not listed on Zuneta and is backordered on BeautyHabit.


  1. please share the secret of your new voluminous hair!

  2. Love how graphic this look is (including the smart shirt and tie). Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks have a wonderful smooth formula. And I agree, this is a beautiful red!

  3. Absolutely beautiful on you!! I still have yet to try anything RBR, but I have a growing list of things to try from the brand and this will go on it too. Thank you for the gorgeous pics!

  4. I really love your pictures because you have the face of a supermodel! You kind of remind me of Liu Wen. How do you afford all these luxurious brands? Envy!

  5. Ohhh my god. *swoons*

    (Also, re: hair -- Asian hair is typically coarse-but-smooth, technically; the diameter of each strand has to be thick enough to fit brown-black pigments and all corresponding lighter pigments. If you keep it clean and cut it well (I love adding hidden layers to fine hair and Asian hair), there's a lot more than you'd expect! :D)

    /end geeking out

  6. you need to share your hair secrets! :-O

  7. I want to know about hair, too. I'm trying to pay more attention to mine as it's feeling sadly neglected (i.e., dry as hell) and I want to remedy this.

    Also, your face. I love. And I may or may not have bought TWO red Armani lipsticks.../faceplant

  8. I love the tie! D: till now, every lipstick looks good on you *sigh* and that hair *jealous* / Claire

  9. Hello gorgeous! *__*
    I died when I saw the tie on you. What a fantastic set of photos, and of course a fantastic red lipstick.

  10. Speechless, but if I had to muster a word it would be "STUNNING" <3

  11. Gorgeous red... and the hair! Like everyone I want to know who your stylist is.

  12. I can only say, so modelesque!
    Does that adequately convey my feelings?


  13. I've always had fine hair but lots of it but somehow it's decided, or at least some of it has, to have waves (not the font though darn it). Weird. I realized I have this lipstick so I just put some on. It pulls a little warm on me actually I'd like it to be more blue but it's so comfortable on and pretty in any case.

  14. Holy crap, Xiao--this is some serious supermodel sh*t!!! :P Haha you look great girl!

  15. itsykitsy- I *really* don't do anything to it except occasionally blow drying upside down! But I'll try to write up a post soon.

    Bellyhead- thanks!

    Gummy- I like the lipsticks even more than the eyeshadow (I feel like I'll get pelted for that statement)

    sunnyseoul- thanks! This one was a prize I won for a giveaway, some are PR samples (as disclosed), the rest I purchase out of pocket. I always struggle with myself on this, because I can really have clothes/shoes/bags/accessories if I buy less makeup, but as it is I'm wearing previous year's fall clothes but have pretty lipstick :)

    Rae- I love it when you geek out! All such valuable information. Please never stop.

    Wendy- Thank you!

    stephanie- Working on it!

    Larie- Hahaha but Armani reds are pretty! I just try to alternate my washing days as much as possible and use a heat protectant when I blow-dry. In fact I've been avoiding hair oils/serums because Geekz told me it may cause bacne.

    Claire- I know which colors don't (warm pinks, usually) so I tend to avoid them :) I think reds look good on everyone, though!

    Angela- makes me want to go out and buy MOAR TIES!

    lola seicento- Thank you!

    eleanor- I never took down their names, unfortunately >< But I religiously go to two salons: Hisako in New York and Enzo in Boston.

    Leila- Thanks for the nice words :)

    Evelyn- I always wanted waves! But I'm horrible with the curler so...

    Becca- Haha, thanks Becca!

  16. I own this lipstick, too :) It really is lovely, I should wear it more often.


  17. you look fierce. the eyeliner (the way you did it) is just unique and so fab

  18. you look so fab, love the lipstick shade. Would you like to follow each other. Plz let me know!!


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