Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dior's Four New Shades of Nudes

L-R: 115 Charnelle, 223 Trench, 413 Grege, Dune 715

The lighting makes these look a little darker than they really are, but hopefully you get the gist of how they look. They weren't in stock at the new Bergdorf Goodman counter, or I would have impulse purchased the lot. Charnelle is a milky pinkish beige, Trench is a light almost-taupe brown and my favorite, Grege is the closest to my skin tone, while Dune is a dark chocolate. For now, I think I'll be able to do without Charnelle and Dune, but no promises.


  1. Were they all creams or did any have visible shimmer?

  2. Liz- help me whittle my list down!

    Anon- oh that didn't even I across my mind. They're straight up creams

  3. DUNE. I want Dune. I think the rest are similar to recent releases, but I love chocolate shades anyway.

  4. Trench looks lovely! Did you get it eventually?


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