Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paul & Joe Lipstick Refill in #304

Brides (I suppose I mean girls, but I'm surrounded by friends who are going to be brides lately) who want to sport a red lip, consider investing in the new full coverage Paul & Joe Lipstick (see here for the entire line). It is the longest wearing red lipstick I've ever tried – eight hours and going with no food and drink, no fading whatsoever – that actually feels moisturizing. 

The components of the new lipsticks are sold separately, so you can choose to purchase a holder or have them in just bullets. While I think the latter's possible (they include a dubious-looking plastic cap thing), I suppose it's not encouraged. 

When attached, the bullet wobbles around a little, but not enough to make me think it's not secure. 

In this post I am wearing the Lipstick Refill in #304, a blue pink-leaning red. Trust me when I say it stains as long as it wears. I wore it last night and tried to take it off with the oil cleansing method, followed by the regular makeup remover method, and finally just rubbing with a napkin, then promptly gave up. This morning my lips are still slightly stained. But for a lipstick that will last through an important event without feathering and bleeding? I guess it's worth it.

The product featured in this post was a gift from a press event


  1. Pretty lipstick! :) I can't handle your hair.

  2. LOVE it! I love lipsticks that stain! It looks gorgeous on you Cheekz!

  3. Holy crap, you look fantastic. Love the red lips against the black lace!

  4. The lipstick is lovely, but I love your SHIRT, it's beautiful. Lace does funny things to me. Where did you get it??

  5. Geekz- <3 (will check on the cat holders tomorrow!)

    Tracy- then you will LOVE these!

    Liz- <3!!!

    Niki- Thanks! Unfortunately I got it a couple of years ago - at BCBG

  6. I was JUST looking at this on ASOS earlier this morning and wondering whether or not to give it a go. I've never used Paul and Joe before but have heard lots about it form various Japanese magazines that I browse. The idea of the interchangeable lipstick case is really smart...and now that you say it stains, my palms are itching for it.

  7. Y U so beautiful? Those cheeks and hair <33

  8. Gosh you look like a supermodel! Red lip looks super gorgeous on you!

  9. Xiao, you look stunning That red lipstick is gorgeous on you. PS Love all your recent photos, the investment you made was worthwhile!


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