Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There's Always Time For Yourself

As I grow older and busier, I realized that I tend to prioritize obligations so much that I forget about myself. I skip lunch because I want to finish up an assignment. I eschew a fun board game night or table tennis meet-up because I think I should be taking pictures of products. I bought a bento cookbook, an introduction guide to calligraphy, and printed out Japanese hiragana and katakana lists to refamiliarize myself with the language, but I haven't touched a single one.

A few days ago, just before I went to bed I picked up a copy of Nylon that's been on my desk forever, and read the interview with Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Ezra Miller that I bought it for (PSA: please go watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower). I felt absolutely inspired and rejuvenated despite the weariness that seems to hover over me.

The next day, I finally read an article that's been an open tab on my browser for a week (about Edward Albee, I think) and again, happiness. I realized that I can't fight having more stress and obligation throughout the years, but I can learn to love myself and feel beautiful through little actions that I can slot in throughout my day.

1. Regular Skincare 
I can't recall where, but I remember reading an article claiming that women who have a regular skincare routine are happier compared to those without because they are constantly touching, and thus pampering and giving attention to, their faces. I don't know if that can ever be scientifically proven, but for a split second after reading that, I thought makes sense.

click here for the tutorial on how to achieve the look
2. Hair
This one is pure vanity, but my day is always better when I take the extra ten minutes out of my day to make my hair look impeccable. Now that I actually have to style my short hair to look like a respectable human being, it's twice as important.

3. Longer Showers 
As much as I'd like to draw a toasty bath every night, I can barely find time to do it once a weekend. What's worse, I used to play music during my shower to keep time so I know by the end of the second song, I have to get out. Now, I go in sans phone and relish the water running down my neck. You'll be surprised how long a short shower actually feels if you don't worry about the time.
4. Inspirational Reading
I grew up holding books - at the restaurant, in the car, just before going to bed. I actually believe the reason I have such deep lines on my neck at my age is because of the horrible posture I get into after hours of reading. I still read a lot, but now they're for work, usually short magazine pieces about frivolous things, and while fun, it's not fulfilling. I'm trying to pick up this habit again by subscribing to and surrounding myself with reading that stimulates me. Current loves are Interview magazine, Business of Fashion, and NY magazine.

5. Smile
Growing up, I used to envy my elder sister because I thought she's easier to love at first sight. I still think it's true, but I realized it's because my sister has naturally upturned lips. It's amazing how much happier I am throughout the day when someone smiles at me. It really doesn't take much, perhaps a Starbucks barrista who's just extra nice. I don't know if everyone else feels the same, but at the off chance that people do, I decided I'll smile more too.

hopefully this makes you laugh!

I'm writing these daily self-care actions down as a reminder to myself, and I hope you'll share some of the things you do for yourself too!

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  1. That's such a sweet picture of your sister(s). I find your blog to be very inspiring and I hope you gain more happiness through little things you do for yourself. I think you look amazing with short hair :)

    1. Sister and friend (my sister is to the right!). Thank you for the kind words :)

  2. Aww, Wandz, I loved this post! Aspiring to happiness is our own responsibility, and a very important one at that. The last photo is absolutely to die for :) And, for one, our Twitter exchanges always make ME smile; so imagine there's a stranger smiling at you from across the US :)

  3. This is the sweetest post, Wandz :) I always had a book, too, and lately I haven't had time to read, either. I think I'm going to buy a few Kindle books soon and try to fix that.

  4. Lovely post :) The skincare thing makes so much sense! Best of luck in taking a little time out for yourself once in a while, in this busy world it's something we should all aspire to do :)

  5. "I actually believe the reason I have such deep lines on my neck at my age is because of the horrible posture I get into after hours of reading." Ha, so I'm not the only one! You know what really gets those lines out? Omorovicza gold serum & cream.

    One little thing I love to do for myself is brewing a cup of green tea.

    1. Really? You've tried it and it works? I've tried a few neck creams and vit c serums, nothing so far.

      green tea is always good :)

  6. That last photo is terrific, you all look so happy and so pretty! I think all of these things are great little moments, I know if I do my hair or makeup or take a long shower my mindset is much more positive-same as if I do my nails!

    1. especially the long shower! I think showers heal everything!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Becca! I'm hoping my friend on the left NEVER finds out :P

  8. hehe Xiao, you're adorable!! When's that picture from? I agree with pretty much everything you've said here, especially the part about smiles. And P.S. because I read your haircut post but then got caught up with something or other, I just want to say that I FRICKN LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR. CHEEKBONES OHMYGAH

    1. miao! That picture's from... last year? My eyebrows were lopsided!

      Thanks, Morzelz! *bumps cheekbones towards you*


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