Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Before It's Gone: Suqqu Kakitsubata 01 Eyeshadow Quad

The word around the blogosphere (Drivel About FrivolThe Non-Blonde, and @GlossedTweets) is Suqqu has discontinued their 01-06 eyeshadow quads. Of those, I own Ginbudou 06 and Keshizumi 04 (seen here). Here is a look at Kakitsubata 01 before it's gone forever.

taking cues from Alexander Wang Fall 2012

Kakitsubata is the most "neutral" of the Suqqu palettes I own. It's made up of a fleshy peach, coppered brown, matte violet and matte ivory. The violet was splotchy in the swatch but performed well when used as a liner, which is its official purpose anyway. The rest of the quad are buttery smooth. 

I am weird with earthy tones because I actually find it very hard to wear brown. I think Kakitsubata works for me because it leans copper, and I stumbled upon the right shadow placement. When I place browns on my crease the look ends up muddy, so instead I blended it all over my brow bone and it looked much better. I love making new discoveries. Eyeshadow suddenly became much more fun.

Cheeks: Paul & Joe Color Powder CS Inseparables; Lips: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Rapture

I suppose this post is dedicated to those lucky 'uns from London and Japan where Suqqu counters exist, as it is no longer stocked on ichibankao.com for US folk. I do think the colors in this particular palette are easily dupe-able, and I was really excited about the look and wanted to share... Please don't throw your makeup brushes at me.


  1. My friend was in London a fortnight ago and got this for me...it is to die for!!! Even at almost US$75, I would do it again!

  2. Where in Tokyo would I find a Suqqu counter? My husband is traveling there for business next month and as long as I give him a photo or detailed description of what I want and where it's available, he's wonderful about shopping for me.

  3. *giggle* I hope you didn't put your lipstick on until after you pulled down your turtleneck...

  4. You own it! Lucky girl :)

    Did you see my post on SUQQU Mizuaoi?


    Do you own this one?

  5. Crista- Oh what an awesome friend! Glad you snagged one for yourself.

    Tatiana- Haha such a good husband. Here's a list of stores that have Suqqu http://www.suqqu.com/global/shop/index.html

    Larie- I did, but I know how to pull up the turtleneck without touching my lipstick :P

    Karima- Yes! I have Mizuaoi too :)

    PS: Everytime I see your face I just yell about how pretty you are. Your features are unbelievably gorgeous!

  6. Have you done any posts with Mizuaoi? I'd love to see!

    <3 this is my new favourite blog, by the way!

  7. Here: http://messywands.blogspot.com/2012/01/suqqu-color-blend-eyeshadow-08-mizuaoi.html

    But it's quite some time ago. Thanks for the kind words!

  8. I adore your lip colour in these photos. It's lovely against your complexion.

  9. Ohh you used it in a softer way than I did (I inevitably transform everything into a smokey eye). Gorgeous :)

  10. Love how much fun you're having with this sweater! And I've been admiring all your amazing pics for the past few weeks with mega awe. :D


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