Monday, April 16, 2012

NARS Summer 2012: Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick

NARS Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick was a surprise hit for me. I suppose I was too entranced with Ramatuelle and Liberté (swatches of which can be seen here) when I saw the earlier press releases to take notice of anything else, and with my dry lips I instinctively flee from anything matte. But I was at the physical store and the color in the tube grabbed me. After trying on the eyeshadow trio and the blush, I asked the SA if I could try Moscow as well. After that, I couldn't leave without it in my bag.

Moscow is an orange brick red. The Pure Matte formula is one that is not necessarily drying, but not moisturizing either. I don't find that it saps the moisture out of my lips, but as someone who has dry lips it does become slightly uncomfortable to wear a couple hours in. I usually have a potted lip balm with me to swipe over my lips for those occasions.

Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick

After 5 hours of rigorous eating, drinking, and talking

Applied mixed with balm

Layered with Guerlain Porto Ercole

I have a bonus preview of the purple gloss Porto Ercole from Guerlain's summer collection. Here it is layered over Moscow. As you can see, the gloss works to darken the color just a smidgen. If you remember Dior's limited edition Rock Coat nail polish, Porto Ercole works exactly the same, except in gloss form.

Eyes: Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio; Cheeks: Liberté Blush

Cheeks: Guerlain Météorites Perles d'Azur, Guerlain Terra Azzurra Bronzer + Blush

I was wearing Le Métier de Beauté Red Velvet a few days ago, and while I love the color, I was thinking it was high time to retire my bluer reds for a lighter touch. I find that Moscow is just the substitute I was looking for. It packs a punch, but doesn't scream as loud. Definitely a great red to wear for summer.

NARS Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick retails for $25 and is exclusively available to and the NARS 413 Bleecker St store till May 1. Remember to use code SIERRA upon checkout for a 20 percent discount!


  1. You have made me add two more items to my wishlist: Moscow and the purple gloss! You look gorgeous as usual.

  2. I envisioned this to be more of a Fall shade, but somehow you made it totally work for Summer! Its soft and warm and looks very wearable - good choice Xiao!

  3. Brick red is usually a fall color but the orangeness of this lipstick makes it very suitable for summer as well. You look very sophisticate with it ^_~

  4. You look amazing. The lip color combination is really bright and classy :)

  5. it's a really pretty color, i'd rock it

  6. Absolutely perfect on you!

  7. Hmm I love how you layer the gloss over this! I don't think my lips would appreciate matte lipsticks too much, but maybe I should try it when I have the chance!

  8. stunning look and application, you have such a delicate hand with cheeks and eyes; I love it. All three, and several others!, are en route to me for tomorrow delivery and I am ecstatic.

  9. Wow,
    the moscow lippie is stunning on you. Now I have to run out and get that along with the guerlain porte ercole. I wonder if LMDB purple haze creme or MAC's All of my purple life gloss would give me the same finish that you have? It would save me from having to purchase another gloss. Thank you so much for featuring these colors as they would not be something I would ordinarily gravitate towards in store.

  10. Gorgeous colour! Re:code SIERRA, when did you say it expires? Because I just tried to use it and it didn't work :(

  11. Hi there,
    Do you also have Joyous Red from Nars? Can you compare the colours? Thank you!


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