Friday, April 20, 2012

Le Métier de Beauté Debuts at Saks Fifth Avenue

On the Coast

If you've been following Le Métier de Beauté's Facebook page (and if you aren't, you should), you'll notice the infuriatingly vague status update the company left on their wall a couple days ago about three new limited edition exclusives. With no details. Not gonna lie - I sent some frantic emails and tore half of my hair out while waiting for a reply.

Turns out, Le Métier de Beauté is celebrating their debut at Saks with three exclusive kaleidoscopes, and the first one they're introducing is On the Coast (pictured above). It's going to be a race to get these kits, and my fingers are itching already!

On the Coast is exclusive to and will be available on April 23.

Update: Apologies! I received info on the other two a little later but have not had time to update.

Golden Gate Girl

Golden Gate Girl will be exclusively available to Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco on April 25.

Shades of Short Hills

Shades of Short Hills will be exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at Short Hills on April 27.


  1. it just me or have we seen those colors in other kaleidoscopes? it is still very enticing.

  2. Liz - I know what you mean, but we can't know till we see it in person! At this point every color looks like something I already have... I'm going for nuance (or in truth, kaleidoscopes are my personal brand of crack).

    These colors are *right* up my alley, though, which is why I'm so excited about it.

  3. This is such a perfect kaleidoscope that it doesn't matter that I own similar colors individually. I still need them in a kit, or at least I'm pretending that I do. This is a must buy.

  4. On the Coast is the only one of the three that I will be losing sleep over. Gorgeous colors!

  5. On the Coast looks absolutely delish! Gah! *bites nails*

  6. leigha- haha. There are only 60 made of each, so good luck!

    cytaormina- me too :x

    Paris B- well you know my number ;)

  7. At first I thought I liked Golden Gate Girl best, but I can't get over how the amethyst looks like the one from Penelope. Now I'm leaning towards On the Coast.

    Are you getting all 3? :)

  8. I have Penelope, Northern Lights and Cherry Blossom -- don't know which to go for... hahaha. Can't get them both -- I'm not a fan of Shades of Short Hill. Probably shouldn't get any after my Suqqu haul...

  9. Wow - I think I *need* On the Coast. Are there really only 60? I might have to stay up late waiting!

  10. Only 60 of each? I can understand small runs for counter exclusives, but to put up only 60 units on the website? Why would they do that, when it's so clear that the demand is vastly higher?

    In any case, it looks as if they may do a second run sometime after the first unveiling. Today I called both San Francisco and Short Hills. Golden Gate Girl is shipping out to me this week, while Short Hills put me on the backorder list and said they would ship one to me as soon as the kit enters the store. A backorder list implies a second run, no?

    Now to get my hands on On the Coast ...

  11. Complained too soon! On the Coast is up on the Saks website right now and available for ordering. Yes, RIGHT NOW.


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