Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NARS Summer 2012: Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

In this next installment of what is essentially NARS Summer Gushing, we visit the other matte lip offering. NARS Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is a subdued hot pink with the barest hints of lilac peeking through. The Velvet Matte formula provides a slight sheen to an otherwise completely matte lip. Like the Pure Mattes, I have to say it is neither moisturizing nor drying. If you suffer dry lips (like me), carry a balm around. Though applying it will alter the finish, I firmly believe having shiny lips is better than enduring cracked ones. 

Eyes: Ramatuelle Trio; Cheeks: Liberte Blush

The Velvet Matte Lip Pencils were never known to be long lasting (on me, except perhaps the darker shades). Never Say Never lasts about three hours and completely disappears after a meal or a beverage. However, it is such a beautiful shade that I am willing to reapply it every couple of hours or so, and it helps that the pencil form makes it brilliantly easy to do so. I think Never Say Never fits neatly with the colors coming out this summer, and since it's not super bright I can envision myself wearing it well into Fall (though my soul died a little when I typed that last bit. It's barely spring here!).

NARS Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil retails for $24 and is exclusively available at the NARS 413 Bleecker St store and narscosmetics.com.


  1. OH I LIKEY this one lots!!! You look great in it Chiseled Cheeks!

  2. I haven't commented on your blog forever, soulmate! *breaks own in tears* I miss you and your gorgeous face.

    Anyhow - have been loving your NARS and Dior coverage over the past little while; this post in particular! And I'm still smitten with your polka-dot tipped mani ^.^

    & just before I go back to frantic last-minute studying: *flails*

  3. It's SUCH a great shade on you, Xiao! I'm just a little surprised the wear isn't impressive as my one and only NARS lip pencil so far (Mexican Rose). Is it because it's a velvet lip pencil or is it very much a Mexican Rose thing? Hmm.

  4. Tracy- :) (my favorite nickname ever!)

    Rae- *whips* I miss you too :( Good luck with finals!

    Sunny- It might just be me. Temptalia reported a 6 hour wear :/ Mexican Rose is a Velvet Gloss and decidedly brighter, so maybe that's it?

  5. Ohh, I adore this shade! It looks absolutely perfect on you Xiao! You're killing me with this NARS collection!

  6. What a gorgeous pink berry--- the color does seem to have the right balance to be worn year round :)

  7. That colour looks gorgeous on you! Definitely a summer punchy shade!

  8. This is a very pretty color on you; probably the prettiest I've ever seen you wear! I also appreciate the precise application: the corners look nice and sharp, which makes the overall look polished.

    Never Say Never is a definite keeper for you...I just might have to check it out for myself now. ;)

  9. very pretty colour ... i'll keep it on my radar :)

  10. I recently bought this color. I really like it a lot! Its actually the first pinkish color I have ever bought that I have no returned .Although it looks lighter on me (probably because I am a lot darker than you)..did you use a lip pencil to darken this color up a little? If so which one?


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