Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014

When the clock struck twelve on New Year's Eve, I hadn't made any resolutions nor had any significant revelations about the past year. I was at a house party drinking champagne out of a red solo cup, kissing my boyfriend and hoping that 2014 would be a better year than before.

In many ways, 2013 was the year of biggest change in my life. I settled into a much more meaningful relationship with my boyfriend, finally got out of the cycle of internships and secured a "real" job, which in turn led me to the US working visa I'd been worried about getting for the past year. It took six months before the visa was finally approved, but it was in my hands. I was allowed to travel outside the country again, and now have at least three more years to figure things out here.

There are also other less life-changing, but still beautiful things: reconnecting with an old friend from home (who is now one of my best friends in New York), snowboarding (and loving it) for the first time, being able to visit home in October and see my entire family – reunited after 2+ years of separation – again in December. I didn't realize the extent I've missed my family until I basked in the warmth of just being in their presence for eight glorious days while we traipsed through Taiwan, and sometimes I wonder why I chose a path that would take me so far away from them in every way.

My life in New York has made me a stronger, more independent person. I have become more prone to speaking my mind, and less inclined to enduring injustices. For 2014, I wish to continue to strive to become a better person every day.

May we all be happy, loving, and kind to each other.

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