Monday, November 18, 2013

Miyu Beauty Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence

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One of the good things about semi-living in two apartments is the opportunity for two skincare routines. Yes, I am the type of person who would relish having two regimens to fiddle around with. But that shouldn't be news, yes?

I'm delighted to introduce this Miyu Beauty Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence. I, being the time-saver (read: lazy person) that I am wont to be, relish the fact that this serum comes in spray form! For a whole month I spritzed wantonly at my face, enjoying the cooling misty feeling on my face, but to preserve the bottle I have since taken to doing a couple pumps into my hand and applying it like I would a regular serum.

The serum is relatively fragrance-free, which means there is a very light rose smell but it is pleasant and unobtrusive. I was initially skeptical that a hydrating serum that came in mist form would be good – why I doubted its efficacy based on delivery, I do not know – but it turns out that this is immensely hydrating indeed. I follow this serum with two drops of Tatcha Beauty Oil, and that is all there is to my very short and simple (but effective!) beauty routine.

Well, one of them anyway.

Miyu Beauty Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence is available at for $34. For tea enthusiasts, Miyu Beauty also created a complimentary Beauty Tea, which tastes like a mixture of fruit and flower. The pairing retails for $42.

Full disclosure: This entry contains sample products sent by PR or the manufacturer for editorial consideration.

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