Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So You Want to Look Like Keira Knightley

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back in business. Sort of. I still don't wear a lot of makeup when I go out, which is not fun because now that it's so near winter it's exactly the time to slap on a ton and still look "normal."

The good thing is now that Anna Karenina is about to (finally) hit theaters, editorial images of Keira Knightley are popping up all over the Internet. In case you didn't figure out by the sharpness of her cheekbones and jawline, I have a major crush on her. The editorial above was featured in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar UK and as soon as I saw it I told myself I had to recreate it.

I didn't realize how geometric the eyeshadow shape really was until I reviewed the pictures (or perhaps it wasn't on her and that's just how it translates on my Asian eyes. Adaptability = win!). I patted Addiction Fudge onto my eyelid and then blended it out on the crease and slightly toward the inner corner. Afterwards, I shaded the bottom lash line (covering the entire "bag" section) and made sure the shadow connected to a smoked out wing. Make sure to leave the inner corner clean.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that Keira's upper lash line and waterline were white, so I went over mine with NARS Larger Than Life Santa Monica Boulevard (it wouldn't show up on my waterline since it's immune to makeup, apparently). But that's not all – her makeup artist sneakily tight-lined her upper waterline so the white wouldn't look odd.

... I realize I may be making all this up and it could have just been white eyeshadow. But that's how I achieved my look!

If you click on the source link, you'll see the writer and a large number of commenters harping on Keira for having a constantly open mouth in photo shoots. I don't personally have a problem with this, but I'll say in her defense - didn't they know cheekbones appear sharper when one's mouth is open?


Products Used:
Face -
Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Camomile
Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Correcteur in Light/Medium
Le Métier de Beauté Classic Flawless Finish Powder #1
Chanel Rose Ecrin Blush

Eyes -
Addiction Fudge Eyeshadow
NARS Larger Than Life Santa Monica Boulevard
THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner in Eye On 08
Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara
Shu Uemura Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in Seal Brown

Lips -
Le Métier de Beauté In The Know Bordeaux Lip Creme
Make Up For Ever Lip Pencil #13C


  1. Pretty! Gonna give this one (and the open-mouth pro-tip!) a try.

  2. Whoaaa so edgy!!! Love the white liner. I think you totally nailed it!

  3. totes off topic but ZOMG where is your top/dress from? I love!

    1. Top! Last year Club Monaco so I don't think you can get it anymore :(

  4. You're the most beautiful! Every photo of your face is full of big soul and unbelievable beauty!

  5. Welcome back! : D I love your makeup tutorials/looks the most. I've definitely missed them!

  6. This is a fierce look! Love, love, love.

  7. This is GORGEOUS. I love it, and I might try to recreate it too. If I do, I will def link back to you!

  8. I think Keira's gorgeous...and so are you! :D :D :D Perfect, Wandz.

  9. Your red lips are...GORGEOUS! Makes me want to buy the lipstick and lip liner!!!!

  10. Immune to makeup- amazing :D gorgeous lips and lovely top/dress!

    When I look at these cheekbones I want to get mine 'done' lol, I have like flat face xD

  11. Ah as usual your cheekbone makes me feel really jealous! Your plummy lip looks so nice :D

  12. I am so getting this lip colour!! That is one amazing shade :O you have the perfect lips to pull of such lipshade. I was going to recreate this look from KK as well, so pretty. / Claire


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