Monday, December 3, 2012

Skincare of the Moment

Now that I've reached the end of my Tatcha skincare (sob), I've had to dig around my stash to find replacements. A few products that are in my current rotation:

Natura Bisse Tolerance Toner – Smells wonderful. I don't actually know if it is "skin fortifying" because my skin doesn't really have that concern yet, but I love the extra burst of moisture it delivers anyway. When this runs out I may try another NB toner.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist – Sometimes I use this in lieu of the toner. For my original review, see here.

Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum – I've had this bottle for so long. If you look now, the company has actually reformulated and repackaged this line. The serum is pretty awesome. I apply this religiously over my face, concentrating on my nose so as to avoid dry, peeling skin. It's worked!

Paul & Joe Moisture Lotion N – I used to believe having sufficient moisture requires thick creams and this little lightweight lotion has proven me wrong. A little goes a long way since it's so watery, but I love how it feels on the skin afterward.

Diorsnow White Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection – (imagine Chandler from Friends) Can these product names BE any longer? This is my staple, though I may switch it when I run out because I realized this contains Octinoxate and I would like a 100% mineral sunscreen. I don't know if it matters, but this contains 19% Zinc Oxide. The ones I usually find are usually 5-10%. Does this mean it's more effective? I would love to hear opinions on this!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I apply this on my neck, but on lazy nights/days I want a simpler routine I just use this as an all over face oil. Love the lavender scent.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment – Very emollient lip balm. I don't know if it helps with lip lines, but my lips definitely feel very soft the day after. Unfortunately, I do find Fresh lip balms can get a little too soft. One of my tubes broke from the base mid-use, but I managed to put it back in and resume usage.

Haus of Gloi Aether Pumpkin Butter – I have to thank Kate for introducing this in one of her skincare posts. It's a pleasure to find new gems and this pot is basically a diamond mine of the best skin ever. My legs are so smooth I can't stop touching it. I'm going to order this in bulk when this pot is done, skincare ban be damned.

Ambre Extra Nourishing Body Moisturiser – I'm starting to realize I should go full indie on body care products because this little bottle of oil does wonders for dry, cracked skin. I could use it all over, but I usually apply this to my poor feet and it soothes cracks, dried cuticles, and turns something that resembles chicken feet into well, a human's.

Full disclosure: This entry contains sample products sent by PR or the manufacturer for editorial consideration.


  1. I like Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well! I've been really addicted to face oils. Especially with the weather, patting some in every night helps my skin a lot :)

    1. Yes! Especially with the light lavender smell :)

  2. I've tried Kiehl's Midnight Recovery in the store and didn't like how oily it felt on my skin. And honestly, I don't really understand the concept of oil face. I only use oil to remove my makeup :D. Do you have any problem with oil building up or clogging the pores?

    BTW, many of these brands are foreign to me. Gotta check them out! x

    1. Really?! It's the least oily of all the face oils I've tried :( I definitely don't have any problem with oil build-up or pores. Face oils basically replace moisturizer in my books.

  3. I'm interested with DiorSnow! What does it do exactly? I also want the Guerlain Super Aqua serum :)
    Great products. I'm so inlove with your skin so I wanna try all that you use, lol.

  4. I love the Super Aqua Serum too :) I recently bought a set with a full size of that and minis of the Super Aqua eye cream, toner, and mask. I haven't used the other products yet but I adore the serum!

    1. Oooh nice. I've tried the mask once and it was amazing!

  5. Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum - I might have to give this a whirl. My poor nose takes quite a beating this time of year and needs TLC! Dry, peeling skin is not cute!

  6. I tried a sample of the Guerlain Super Aqua serum once. I LOVE IT! I was given a sample recently so I'm going to try it again. I am secretly fearful I'll love it again >.<


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